#52weeks#52challenges- week4- 10 minutes of meditation

#52weeks52challenges- #Week4- 10 Minutes of Meditation

Last week was fun but with #week4, we have started getting a little more serious. An a busy professional in her late 20s, it could be difficult to decide between a great career and mental/spiritual fulfilment. Too bad, we often choose neither and prefer to binge a series on Netflix. So, this time, I thought […]

7 Favorite Rumi Quotes and my musings

7 Favorite Rumi Quotes And My Musings

Rumi is of internet’s most famous poets. This Persian poet has done a lot for the romantics, giving them hope, helping them solve life troubles and even get the courage to face life. The courage and confidence that Rumi quotes can instill in you are par excellence. I first came into contact with his writings […]

How Our Energies Interact, Really?

How Our Energies Interact, Really?

In the last post, I was talking about the fact that we are not just people. Not just organisms with flesh, blood and bones. We are also the manifestations of energy. This is the energy that is stores in us all and often interacts with other people around. What I firmly believe is that we […]

The Three Paths to God

A persona is composed of three layers and there are three margs(paths) that lead to god. You can chose either the ‘Karma Marg’ (the path of good deeds) which is made possible by the ‘sthoola sharira’, the outermost layer of the organism. Second we move on to ‘Jnana/Gyan Marg’ which is achieved by the concentration […]

Hypocrisy… you ll never die

Dear Hypocrisy,   You know you ll never die, never die, never ever die, and shall i tell you why?   Sorry if that hurts you Hypocrisy, but the truth is that people hate you. Be glad Hypocrisy, they fake it when they hate you. In reality, they love you. They will bathe in the Ganga, […]