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PCOS- Stress and Distress

Okay, so it does not seem very difficult to talk about a medical condition that hits many women of the reproductive age. If you are reading this chances are high that you are suffering from PCOS yourself. Do i have some good news? Not really. But its great to share. […]

Woes of a Start-up

The woes of a start-up business are best understood only by a start up entrepreneur. When you are working from a small room with more fresh air and sunlight than clients, you are a hero in your own rights. Much to our accomplishments, we feel like hippies from the 80’s […]

प्लास्टिक के झण्डे से मेरा भारत महान

मेरे नानाजी कहते हैं की उनके ज़माने में खादी या सूती कपडे के झण्डे फहराये जाते थे. कमाल की बात है, ऐसा ही एक झंडा मेरे स्कूल में भी था. बड़ा सा, खादी का झंडा. पर बड़ा भारी था. मेरी दिली तमन्ना थी की फिल्मो में दिखने वाले झण्डे की […]