7 Favorite Rumi Quotes And My Musings

7 Favorite Rumi Quotes and my musings

Rumi is of internet’s most famous poets. This Persian poet has done a lot for the romantics, giving them hope, helping them solve life troubles and even get the courage to face life. The courage and confidence that Rumi quotes can instill in you are par excellence. I first came into contact with his writings […]

I give up!

I give up on you!

No more, no more no more running behind an impossible dream. I give up on you, I give up on my dream. Chasing, chasing chasing the sun in expectation of bright sunshine. All I find is darkness All I find is rain. I give up on you, I give up on my dream. Wait, don’t […]

Keep Me In Your Heart

keep me in your heart

Keep me in your heart I may not be there tomorrow I ll be gone and you might not even get the news That someone who loved you, can love you no more ‘coz death puts an end to a lot of things I don’t want it to be our love, not so soon. So […]