• I give up!. Neha Joy Chauhan

    I give up!

    No more, no more no more running behind an impossible dream. I give up on you, I give up on my dream. Chasing, chasing chasing the sun in expectation of bright sunshine. All I find is darkness All I find is rain. I give up on you, I give up on my dream. Wait, don’t go anywhere, I am catching up. Oh! you move a little further. Wait, wait, I am catching up, Oh! you have moved farther away. I have lost stamina I can’t move anymore. Not, not just yet I am anxious I am running without moving a limb Wait, wait, wait don’t go I will take my…

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    on fluidity of thoughts… on me

    i am…. so wonderfully ridiculous, so bluntly diplomatic, so sharply numb, so simply over the top, so carelessly organized, so senselessly intellectual, so rebelliously nerd, so deliciously disgusting, i am so truly a lie…… i am a river that originates from nowhere, i am a stream that never meets the ocean, i am not the holy water which purifies you, i am not a garbage can who can take all your trash, i am so truly a lie…. i am not an adult to talk about world peace, i am not a child to play with toys, i am not a man who has no sentiments, i am not a…