PCOS Hair, Diet and Medicine Recommendations In Brief

PCOS Hair, Diet and Medicine Recommendations In Brief

Hey there, last time we read about one of the most daunting problems related to PCOS i.e. hair loss. This time, we we will be focusing on the hair, diet and medicine recommendations that will help women suffering from this condition. Most young girls who are diagnosed with this condition immediately start feeling embarrassed of […]

From 96 to 82- A PCOS Weight Loss Story

A PCOS Weight Loss Story

There is probably nothing that can make a woman so miserable in the society than being called ‘fat and ugly’. Weight loss is a big deal. Of course, they would not dare to call this to my face, but they would certainly speak this behind my back. It looks like nothing I have done, achieved […]

PCOS- Stress and Distress 4

Cushing’s Syndrome Do you identify with being a moon face? Is your face unusually round? Do you have pink or purple stretch marks on your body? Chances are high that you are suffering from Cushing’s Syndrome. This condition is not uncommon with women suffering from PCOS. As PCOS is also an Endocrinol disorder to an extent, they may be […]

PCOS- Stress and Distress 3

Inability to loose weight despite following several diets and exercise routines This is the second symptom of PCOS and probably the most talked about. The first two symptoms, weight gain and inability to lose weight, are closely related and can run havoc in your life if not checked. If you are suffering from PCOS, it […]