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The Odds of Loving

The Odds of Loving

Fear, Possessiveness, Selfishness… what do you picture? A mean and selfish man or woman probably. No. Its just the real side of love. The side devoid of frills and the side i usually talk about. This side is amplified when it is long distance. Don’t call these traits negative. They […]

Love Can Change Your Life….

Lately, i have been talking a lot about love. How you worry about it, how you want it and how it all is the single most basic need of every person. Today, lets talk about something very subtle and very subjective. Love changes your life. Love is something that may […]

Why is Love Scarce?

We all have grown up listening to fairy tales, watching movies and reading books. All tell the same story of finding true love and living happily ever after, forever. More recently, we have also been experiencing a different side of love. A love that happens in minutes and fades in […]

Hypocrisy… you ll never die

Dear Hypocrisy,   You know you ll never die, never die, never ever die, and shall i tell you why?   Sorry if that hurts you Hypocrisy, but the truth is that people hate you. Be glad Hypocrisy, they fake it when they hate you. In reality, they love you. They […]

Late Night Thoughts

a small story…. girls must read…. Late Night Thoughts when she cant sleep….. ” shall i text him? yes. no he must be asleep. but what if he is awake? is he missing me too? shall i call? will i sound too needy? am i pushing it too hard? what […]