Seeking Compassion But Getting Rejection

Seeking Compassion But Getting Rejection- The Problem

If you have gone through my Instagram account, you likely know that I talk about being kind and generous to people, being filled with compassion and ‘vibrating higher’. However, life and emotions are not as simple as we believe they are. Not everything that happens to us is our fault but many times, it is. […]

Times When I Want To Talk

Times When I Want To Talk

These times when I want to talk Are times rather rare These times when I want you close For a little cuddly moment These times when I want to hold Your hand and write a sonnet These times when All I want Is to speak like I never did before These times when All the […]

Come On, Woman!

Talking about self victimization today and realizing how all of my examples (or my real life experiences with such victimization) are connected only with women. Yes, i mean women and women alone. There is not a single instance I can recall at the moment where a man played the role of a victim. The reasons […]

A PCOS Weight Loss Story

From 96 to 82- A PCOS Weight Loss Story

There is probably nothing that can make a woman so miserable in the society than being called ‘fat and ugly’. Weight loss is a big deal. Of course, they would not dare to call this to my face, but they would certainly speak this behind my back. It looks like nothing I have done, achieved […]