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    Is The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Missing in India?

    I have been thinking about this ever since the thoughts of a start-up business entered my mind. Is the spirit of entrepreneurship missing in India? Why do we always want to find a job and be secure and not take a step into the unknown? Why don’t we even try? If you belong to a middle class Indian family(like me), chances are that you are expected to complete your studies and opt for a job. Oh and if you belong to the so-called merchant-trader class, then you are simply expected to finish the studies and start handling the ‘family business’. So basically, we are simply not willing to get rid…

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    Woes of a Start-up

    The woes of a start-up business are best understood only by a start up entrepreneur. When you are working from a small room with more fresh air and sunlight than clients, you are a hero in your own rights. Much to our accomplishments, we feel like hippies from the 80’s who have turned out to be corporate rebels. Yes, we are rebels because we do not wear black suits all the time and we can actually wear whatever we want without worrying a bit about the questioning eyes of the co-worker. Pyajamas rule the day and we all are seen sporting them along with some ‘value for money’ t-shirts. Wow!…