And see, what a beautiful time we all are living in!

Claiming some personal real estate on the internet, here is this website, capturing the essence of who I am.

You are likely being directed to this website by my blog or social media profiles. Here is a warm welcome to y’all!

I won’t say much about me on this page. I am just a writer.

I share my experiences, both real and fictional, here and hope that you can learn, enjoy or share something that you like.

I hope that I am able to connect with people and inspire something. There is not much hope around. Everyone is panicking, feeling nervous and getting exhausted.

I am certainly here for all the people who would need a touch of healing. I am including a section of my Quora answers as well. These answers may help you get through a personal or professional problem.

Life is not about wish fulfillment. It is about creating a wish and making it happen. It is not about waiting for things but uniting with the eternal scheme of events, feeling one with the universe.