• Neha Joy Chauhan- The Only Winter Morning I Remember
    Musings,  Verse

    The Only Winter Morning I Remember

    When winter comes knocking on my door every year, it refreshes my memory with one faint moment in my history that holds more regard for me than ever. It is not just one memory per say. It’s more like a compound memory- invoking a few more faint, very faint memories associated with winter. In a quaint little town in the foothill of Himalayas, with Eucalyptus trees, tea estates and several buildings reminiscent of the days of the British Raj, lies my memory- unhurt, unchanged by the way this place has changed over the years. It’s a winter morning and I am walking back home. I am with the guy who…

  • I give up!. Neha Joy Chauhan

    I give up!

    No more, no more no more running behind an impossible dream. I give up on you, I give up on my dream. Chasing, chasing chasing the sun in expectation of bright sunshine. All I find is darkness All I find is rain. I give up on you, I give up on my dream. Wait, don’t go anywhere, I am catching up. Oh! you move a little further. Wait, wait, I am catching up, Oh! you have moved farther away. I have lost stamina I can’t move anymore. Not, not just yet I am anxious I am running without moving a limb Wait, wait, wait don’t go I will take my…

  • Nah! Not Interested. Neha Joy Chauhan

    Nah! Not Interested

    You are my spark, but not my fire. You are not my muse, just a lame desire. Will I ever care to look back at you? Will I ever suggest that my love was true? I care for whom my interests lay vested, In you Mr. On-And-Off, I am not interested.   Don’t feel bad about me coz I don’t feel good about you, You think this craziness is about me, but I got this virus from you. I would not suggest that you are a bad boy, But if I needed something so non-interactive, I would (genuinely) prefer a toy. For toys at least don’t let you expect, and even…

  • Verse

    Times When I Want To Talk

    These times when I want to talk Are times rather rare These times when I want you close For a little cuddly moment These times when I want to hold Your hand and write a sonnet These times when All I want Is to speak like I never did before These times when All the emotions Piled up for long stop their torment These times when Speaking is The only relief I have These times when I sing a song In my little room-cave These times when You feel a pinch Of loneliness taking over you These times when All your ambitions Lie sleeping and dormant These times when I…

  • Verse

    She Is Like A Painting

    She is like a painting I cannot help but look at her Our eyes met for a minute I experienced the joy I could never find Then she turned away as if It was another awkward eye contact With another stranger She is like a painting I like her hair Ebony black hair with beautiful Natural streaks of hazelnut brown Lightly curled at the ends like ringlets of fire Flowing with the wind That does not make her uncomfortable She enjoys her hair massaging her full cheeks Those red apples with a permanent blush She is like a painting Her forehead is broad and Her eyebrows are thick and strong…

  • Verse

    He Is Like A Movie

    He is like a movie His eyes never seem to rest And his brain is always lost somewhere He shows something else He has become something different And the meaning that his eyes define Is better than any other movie I have seen. Just how many times do you meet Men with beautiful eyes And cupid’s bow lips His face is too innocent For a profession he has chosen for himself But his eyes speak of who he is An alpha male looking for the next hunt.   His forehead is broad, Not high, but broad His hair is silky smooth and straight Hair as black as the night With…

  • Verse

    Keep Me In Your Heart

    Keep me in your heart I may not be there tomorrow I ll be gone and you might not even get the news That someone who loved you, can love you no more ‘coz death puts an end to a lot of things I don’t want it to be our love, not so soon. So if I cry or if I weep, I just need a warm hug And if I bring gifts I just want you to accept them Nothing more was ever desired I like to give gifts, I am wired that way But if I am wired to you, I wouldn’t mind it anyway. You are closest…

  • Verse

    Goodbye…. Half Lie

    Remember, I used to call you To come to the place we loved to be Together we used to watch people pass by The kids and the staring eyes that used to see The love in our eyes and the bond of our souls Same old things that are saying goodbye. I have waited for this moment ever since I was gone I only wanted the time to be ripe When I could see you for one last time And then cease to be a part of your life. Friend, dearest friend, I have loved you more Than the deep ocean trench I have hidden a love wider than the…

  • Verse

    This Boy Had A Friend

    This boy had a friend… She was a girl… just like girls normally are… Only, she was not beautiful, just like girls normally are… Not to him at least. And she did not intend to change herself… Not for him at least.   How could she be beautiful and friends At the same time. It was an irony of the society, beautiful girls are Never friends and friends are not Beautiful girls.   When this boy had a friend, he was really happy… Happy because his troubles had been known to vanish… In her patient ears That used to listen to those big and small troubles Of his life. He…