love love love alone

Love, Love, Love Alone…

He asked me what love is. In my insecurity and my inability to talk about such emotional matters, I just said, ‘I don’t know’. The answer to the question was simple. I was always following the lead. I always felt I knew what the answer was but in the bid to be my sane, authoritarian, […]

Same Old Things

Every new day, a new date with the same old sun a new morning to say hello, to the same old bed and me. the light too bright for the half opened eye, but the time too early for the scorching heat, years of a lifetime, have left a hundred scars on my body, and […]

RapSta Wannabe

okay, this is my first ever attempt at a rap, which i wrote for an audition lately.. it was well made in around 7-10 mins and is funny i guess… मौसम मेहरबान लेकिन ऑफिस का है काम, दिनभर की थकन और तेरे बच्चे शैतान, टीचर बांटे ज्ञान फिर जाये पान की दुकान, बीवी खाए जान, […]

Vision2020= hunger + i-pad (part 1)

It is very difficult to let people know that you are critically analysing something when you have the reputation of a perpetual rebel. So this time i will continue with my ill fame. I don’t understand this Vision 2020 honestly. What on earth is this thing? Does this mean that while we are busy surfing […]

on being overweight… and independent

(WARNING from the writer – This blog post may not contain suitable material for all. May contain a few ‘bad words’. Entirely the flow of thoughts as they came. Dont blame me. Please use your discretion.) so whats the problem in being overweight. i am one myself. and honestly i don’t have any issues with […]

hope still believes in me…

I always plan to sleep till late afternoon, but there is something that wakes me up right at the moment when the Sun throws his first light on the Earth. and when i open my eyes, trying to sleep for those ‘5 more magical minutes’, there is something that gets me off the bed telling […]