Why will Gandhiji’s soul never rest in peace?

there is a lot of noise, clatter and useless chatter when it comes to taking a look back at the indian politics in the year 2011. certainly 2011 was not a favorable year, personally or politically.  i have been witnessing this ever since i was exposed to the audio visual media. i have seen politicians […]

In The Closet- Marrying a Homosexual

so the question is not only about alternate sexuality coming out of the closet. it is also about the the norms in the society that do not let a thousand others accept the truth in their life. in a large part of the world, homosexuality is  treated as a sin, you are condemned to hell […]

The Fairness Cream…. WHITE

yes m watching the idiot box again. and as usual, when m not watching a cartoon or discovery, i only see the advertisements.  Please dont take me wrong. i am not against your fairness or your fairness cream(yuck!!). but why do u love being ‘WHITE’? watch any advertisement of any cosmetic, anything.. more than the […]

is motherhood so essential for womanhood?

since the beginning of time,  i have heard how intermingled concepts of womanhood and motherhood have existed in our society. being a mother is a blessing given only to a woman. you cannot be a mother if you are not a woman and you cannot be a complete woman unless you are a mother. recently […]