I am not your Good Girl

Good girls never talk first good girls never start the conversation good girls never laugh out loud good never never understand your dirty jokes and even if they do they won’t laugh as hard as your guy friend but look on the floor and smile Good girls never walk on the street alone good girl […]

PCOS- Stress and Distress 4

Cushing’s Syndrome Do you identify with being a moon face? Is your face unusually round? Do you have pink or purple stretch marks on your body? Chances are high that you are suffering from Cushing’s Syndrome. This condition is not uncommon with women suffering from PCOS. As PCOS is also an Endocrinol disorder to an extent, they may be […]

Is The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Missing in India?

I have been thinking about this ever since the thoughts of a start-up business entered my mind. Is the spirit of entrepreneurship missing in India? Why do we always want to find a job and be secure and not take a step into the unknown? Why don’t we even try? If you belong to a […]

Why is Love Scarce?

We all have grown up listening to fairy tales, watching movies and reading books. All tell the same story of finding true love and living happily ever after, forever. More recently, we have also been experiencing a different side of love. A love that happens in minutes and fades in days that follow. A love […]

Hypocrisy… you ll never die

Dear Hypocrisy,   You know you ll never die, never die, never ever die, and shall i tell you why?   Sorry if that hurts you Hypocrisy, but the truth is that people hate you. Be glad Hypocrisy, they fake it when they hate you. In reality, they love you. They will bathe in the Ganga, […]

Death is Beautiful

Why are you scared of it? Why do u despise it? Why do you think it will take away all you have? Why do you want to escape? In this life, you were given numerous sorrows This life that never even promised a tomorrow This life that made you suffer for sins This life made […]

Glorifying Victimization

okay so, now i have come with something that i really wanted not to write about for long. Victimization appears very nice. I mean wherever i go, i find people who talk about people who have been through a lot in their life, been there even when they were forced to eat the dust in relationships […]

प्लास्टिक के झण्डे से मेरा भारत महान

मेरे नानाजी कहते हैं की उनके ज़माने में खादी या सूती कपडे के झण्डे फहराये जाते थे. कमाल की बात है, ऐसा ही एक झंडा मेरे स्कूल में भी था. बड़ा सा, खादी का झंडा. पर बड़ा भारी था. मेरी दिली तमन्ना थी की फिल्मो में दिखने वाले झण्डे की तरह ये भी आकाश में […]


every relationship has an expiry date… you cannot have anything forever. its good only till you are together, right in front of each other’s eyes. Life will always give you challenges. You will get opportunities when you cant accept them, your friends will be in the saddest phase of their life when you are climbing […]