• 7 Favorite Rumi Quotes and my musings- Neha Joy Chauhan
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    7 Favorite Rumi Quotes & My Musings

    Rumi is of internet’s most famous poets. This Persian poet has done a lot for the romantics, giving them hope, helping them solve life troubles and even get the courage to face life. The courage and confidence that Rumi quotes can instill in you are par excellence. I first came into contact with his writings when I had just started exploring Sufism- a mystical branch of Islam. Some call it esoteric while the other define it as mystical, magical. Rumi quotes are all around the internet now. Everyone knows ‘what you seek is seeking you’. The west is somehow enthralled with the idea of some magical romantic poet who existed…

  • Neha Joy Chauhan- The Only Winter Morning I Remember
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    The Only Winter Morning I Remember

    When winter comes knocking on my door every year, it refreshes my memory with one faint moment in my history that holds more regard for me than ever. It is not just one memory per say. It’s more like a compound memory- invoking a few more faint, very faint memories associated with winter. In a quaint little town in the foothill of Himalayas, with Eucalyptus trees, tea estates and several buildings reminiscent of the days of the British Raj, lies my memory- unhurt, unchanged by the way this place has changed over the years. It’s a winter morning and I am walking back home. I am with the guy who…

  • Love, Love, Love Alone- Neha Joy Chauhan

    Love, Love, Love Alone (Or Maybe More)

    He asked me what love is. In my insecurity and my inability to talk about such emotional matters, I just said, ‘I don’t know’. The answer to the question was simple. I was always following the lead. I always felt I knew what the answer was but in the bid to be my capitalist, authoritarian, ‘what-feelings?’ self, I forgot that there is a sensitive side to me that needs to be nourished and cared for, every now and then. As I said, this year is going to be a completely new experience for me. I am slowly but surely detangling emotional locks, finding the keys one at a time. The…

  • A Post For Cheating Men and Their Wives/Girlfriends

    A Post For Men Who Cheat (And Their Wives/Girlfriends)

    Cheating men come a dime a dozen. Now I wont suggest that all men are cheaters and perverts, but I am not suggesting otherwise either. Women are always pitched against each other. You will see how. Many men, not all- but many who I have met are looking for sympathy. No matter how much they talk about women being emotional and shit, they want their sympathy. Some even believe that women will sympathetically get into their bed. The Hunt Begins “Oh look! What a poor chap he is. Life has totally run him down. Let me fuck him and cheer him up.” That is the only porn movie running in…

  • Life with the plus size in India- Neha Joy Chauhan

    Life With The “Plus Size” In India

    From being called “healthy” to nicknamed “motu,” I can list so many issues that plus-sized girls go through everyday. In India, more specifically, people calling you “healthy” simply means that that they don’t want to call you “fat & ugly” outright. If my life was a movie, I am sure a good 30% of it would be dedicated to my weight struggles. Full disclaimer- I don’t hate my body. I love it, I am proud of it. Can I lose a few pounds? Of course I can. I understand that. But when you put your beautiful garland of judgment around my neck, you must understand that unlike some of you-…

  • 25 ThingsI LearntAt 26- Neha Joy Chauhan
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    25 Things I Learned At 26

    Another year around the sun. I wonder if I have gone around the sun or the sun has successfully managed to keep me in the earth’s orbit for another year. Considering the kind of person I am, I think it is more the success of the sun that it is mine. Anyway, tomorrow will be my 26th birthday and here are 25 things I have learnt during my quarter of a century lifetime on this planet, about people and me. 1. It’s all okay A lot of things happen in life you know. You get knocked down, punched, beaten, threatened. There are so many bad things that happen to you…

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    Independent Isn’t Slutty

    Living alone? Single? In a big city, away from home? Don’t believe in rituals and traditions? Not the solah-somvar types? I know who you are. You are an independent girl and an independent girl must certainly be ready to open her legs the first chance she gets. Sounds rude, doesn’t it? I know it gets difficult to ensure that anything good is happening in your life with prying eyes all around you ensuring that they find one clue, just one clue which can label you a slut. This may sound crazy and I may also sound like a feminazi, a prude who does not understand how society functions. Nonetheless, I…

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    How To Define a Friend

    I have had so many friends till date… So many people have become a part of my life and shared memories that will always be cherished. I was always blessed to find people who understood me and I understood them. There were no talks about ‘hidden motives’ and why people did what they did. We were all good for each other and took care of each other. All was good. Snap… Today is the day that most people who I have loved dearly in my very young years are gone. The perks of adulthood are finally taking a toll on my life. Look back and you see so many faces…

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    Finding A Convenient Love Story

    I have said this on many occasions and I will continue saying this till the end of time. 1- Love is sacred and idiots around the world are ruining it all. 2- We were not raised the way we are behaving, or were we? Talking about convenient love. You know convenient love is that infatuation with a human being that exists because we try to become the brew masters of our heart. We create a situation where we can fall in love, develop feelings, act out on our feelings like there is nothing else in the world that we believe in and then leave as easily when our expectations are…

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    Girls Are Going Two Steps Back

    Now before everyone who is reading this starts feeling offended, I want to claim that I have practically nothing to do with your personal choices. You have the right to exercise whatever you like and I may also have the right to comment or observe or even contemplate as a sane member of the society- a writer. I am writing this post almost feverishly, quite annoyed by the fact that my generation is going two steps back instead of one step forward. Now, you can call me a liberal. A girl educated in an English medium school (yes, that is often used as an insult) with a family that supports…