• Life with the plus size in India- Neha Joy Chauhan

    Life With The “Plus Size” In India

    From being called “healthy” to nicknamed “motu,” I can list so many issues that plus-sized girls go through everyday. In India, more specifically, people calling you “healthy” simply means that that they don’t want to call you “fat & ugly” outright. If my life was a movie, I am sure a good 30% of it would be dedicated to my weight struggles. Full disclaimer- I don’t hate my body. I love it, I am proud of it. Can I lose a few pounds? Of course I can. I understand that. But when you put your beautiful garland of judgment around my neck, you must understand that unlike some of you-…

  • 25 ThingsI LearntAt 26- Neha Joy Chauhan

    25 Things I Learned At 26

    Another year around the sun. I wonder if I have gone around the sun or the sun has successfully managed to keep me in the earth’s orbit for another year. Considering the kind of person I am, I think it is more the success of the sun that it is mine. Anyway, tomorrow will be my 26th birthday and here are 25 things I have learnt during my quarter of a century lifetime on this planet, about people and me. 1. It’s all okay A lot of things happen in life you know. You get knocked down, punched, beaten, threatened. There are so many bad things that happen to you…