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मेरा नेता बैटमैन है


Disclaimer- no relation with anyone living or dead. 5 साल पहले की बात है। यही चुनावी मौसम था, यही थे तुम और मैं। यही कुछ नेता थे- हमारा वोट मांगते थे। यही वो नेता हैं जो तबसे हमें दिखे भी नहीं। तुम्हे अजीब नहीं लगता ये सोचकर की ये चुनावी […]

Girls Are Going Two Steps Back

Girls Are Going Two Steps Back

Now before everyone who is reading this starts feeling offended, I want to claim that I have practically nothing to do with your personal choices. You have the right to exercise whatever you like and I may also have the right to comment or observe or even contemplate as a […]

Come On, Woman!

Talking about self victimization today and realizing how all of my examples (or my real life experiences with such victimization) are connected only with women. Yes, i mean women and women alone. There is not a single instance I can recall at the moment where a man played the role […]

Making An Entire Generation Feel Inadequate

Making An Entire Generation Feel Inadequate

Even if you are a couple of years younger to me, I don’t think we belong to the same generation. We are so different. There is hardly anything common between us. It is like looking at an entirely new generation of kids. We 90s kids are still recovering from the […]

Whats’s Wrong With The Boss?

Whats's Wrong With The Boss?

Bosses are weird creatures, agree? They have this eerie sense of dominance even when nobody listens and a very submissive self that comes out at times. They are being thrashes, humiliated, abused and condemned by their employees in their mind. However, it seems that the bosses get stronger with each […]

Is The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Missing in India?

I have been thinking about this ever since the thoughts of a start-up business entered my mind. Is the spirit of entrepreneurship missing in India? Why do we always want to find a job and be secure and not take a step into the unknown? Why don’t we even try? […]

Love Can Change Your Life….

Lately, i have been talking a lot about love. How you worry about it, how you want it and how it all is the single most basic need of every person. Today, lets talk about something very subtle and very subjective. Love changes your life. Love is something that may […]