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#52weeks52challenges- #Week3- 1 Hour of Me Time

#52weeks#52challenges- me time

Here we are, at the end of #Week3 of my #52weeks52challenges. Nothing had made me happier than this week. It has helped me feel more centered and happier in general. What happened this week? I pledged to dedicate one hour to myself. It was a ‘me time’ sorta thing that […]

#52weeks52challenges- Week #2 Increased Water Intake

#52weeks#52challenges- water challenge

The second week of #52weeks52challenges is not just easy but something that I have been looking forward to since a long time. The challenge was exceedingly simple to look at i.e. drink at least 3 liters of water per day. But as the week unfolded, it was more difficult than […]

#52weeks52challenges- Week #1- Intermittent Fasting

#52weeks#52challenges- Intermittent Fasting

2018 has begun with a fresh new vibe and here comes my #52weeks52challenges experiment. 52 new challenges each week for a happier, healthier and more peaceful life. I was thinking about giving my life a new shape with my ‘Life Makeover’ series of blogs for quite some time. I wanted […]

Shy Obese Dark Skinned Merit Student. What to do?

Shy Obese Dark Skinned Merit Student. What to do? Confidence and body image issues

Teens are very susceptible to body image issues. At a time when your mind is in rebellion and your body seems to be changing in weird ways, it could be hard to tackle the world. Your confidence can take a beating because of the way you look. The question of […]