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How do I stop saying hurtful things to my partner? Quora Answers

Full Question- How do I stop saying hurtful things to my partner?I’m really tired of arguing over the littlest things and I am the one starting them. Answer- You could be jealous, possessive and insecure. You may be seeking attention. You are definitely driving your partner away. Chill! Why are you with a person with whom […]

Loving From A Distance: Sad To Be Happy

Loving From A Distance: Sad To Be Happy

There can be nothing worse than this to be honest. When you love from a distance, you really feel too sad to be happy. You never know what they are feeling and when the pain strikes. Then there are moments when communication is needed, not necessarily performed. It can be any relationship in your life. […]

Why is Love Scarce?

We all have grown up listening to fairy tales, watching movies and reading books. All tell the same story of finding true love and living happily ever after, forever. More recently, we have also been experiencing a different side of love. A love that happens in minutes and fades in days that follow. A love […]

Why I Started a Start-up?

You know what can possibly go wrong with an eccentric maniac? She might just begin with a start up and feel like she is the ‘king of the world’ (I don’t call it queen).  So maybe the next time you see this eccentric maniac at work, don’t feel like she can work in your organization […]

Woes of a Start-up

The woes of a start-up business are best understood only by a start up entrepreneur. When you are working from a small room with more fresh air and sunlight than clients, you are a hero in your own rights. Much to our accomplishments, we feel like hippies from the 80’s who have turned out to […]

Glorifying Victimization

okay so, now i have come with something that i really wanted not to write about for long. Victimization appears very nice. I mean wherever i go, i find people who talk about people who have been through a lot in their life, been there even when they were forced to eat the dust in relationships […]


every relationship has an expiry date… you cannot have anything forever. its good only till you are together, right in front of each other’s eyes. Life will always give you challenges. You will get opportunities when you cant accept them, your friends will be in the saddest phase of their life when you are climbing […]