envy or admiration?

What Is The Difference Between Envy and Admiration? Quora Answers

What could possibly make someone feel envious? What does envy even mean? Achievement is a strange thing to witness. When the achievement is your own, you don’t know whether to celebrate like there is no tomorrow or just stay humble. When the achievement is someone else’s, you could be ending up with two choices- admiration […]

breaking apart

How do I tell my husband that he is no longer good enough for me?

Life changes and so do our circumstances. We can become better or worse versions of ourselves or things may remain as they are, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes, people focus too much on physical appearances rather than their emotional needs. In a string of such questions I found online, there were people who […]

Why Your Passion Could Be Just A Jumla?

Why Your Passion Could Be Just Another Jumla?

Motivational, inspirational articles and videos teach you one thing- follow your passion. Entrepreneurs, startup mentors tell you one thing- follow your passion. Even advertisements fill your brain with one thing- follow your passion.   I truly appreciate the passionate. It takes a strong will and determination to be truly passionate about something. What I do […]

Neha Joy Chauhan partner

How do I stop saying hurtful things to my partner? Quora Answers

Full Question- How do I stop saying hurtful things to my partner?I’m really tired of arguing over the littlest things and I am the one starting them. Answer- You could be jealous, possessive and insecure. You may be seeking attention. You are definitely driving your partner away. Chill! Why are you with a person with whom […]

Neha Joy Chauhan emotion

How do I become emotionless/insensitive?- Quora Answers

The only emotionless state of human is when they are being carried for their last rites. Maybe, at this time, the last emotion they feel is regret, of not living a life they wanted to. Maybe you and I will regret this life too. Maybe we are getting hurt time and again and still being […]