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I am a writer and entrepreneur (founder of MyContentLab). I specialize in creating plagiarism free, value driven and unique content for websites and social media with the help of my able team. When not working, I am dedicating my time to helping others. I have eclectic interests from psychology to numerology and face reading to palmistry. I write poems, social commentary and help people get a life makeover.

How do I tell my husband that he is no longer good enough for me?

breaking apart

Life changes and so do our circumstances. We can become better or worse versions of ourselves or things may remain as they are, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes, people focus too much on physical appearances rather than their emotional needs. In a string of such questions I found […]

Why Your Passion Could Be Just Another Jumla?

Why Your Passion Could Be Just A Jumla?

Motivational, inspirational articles and videos teach you one thing- follow your passion. Entrepreneurs, startup mentors tell you one thing- follow your passion. Even advertisements fill your brain with one thing- follow your passion.   I truly appreciate the passionate. It takes a strong will and determination to be truly passionate […]

मेरा नेता बैटमैन है


Disclaimer- no relation with anyone living or dead. 5 साल पहले की बात है। यही चुनावी मौसम था, यही थे तुम और मैं। यही कुछ नेता थे- हमारा वोट मांगते थे। यही वो नेता हैं जो तबसे हमें दिखे भी नहीं। तुम्हे अजीब नहीं लगता ये सोचकर की ये चुनावी […]