never say die

Although you frame laws, exceptions are always there, Although you undertake a task, hindrances are always there, Although you are good enough, better ones are always there, Although you’ve faced the past, future hopes are always there. Be a winner and take it all, Don’t be a loser, who keeps standing small, Try again, if […]

under a shadeless tree

on being so helpless the world seems so dark when i say a single thing i find everybody here sparks. i cannot say mum i cannot speak a thing my mind remains empty every time i sit to think. i wonder where i have gone wrong? when did i make a mistake? they always try […]

being me, being you

i would to be you inside me and over you nothing has been better than you i am being me, while i am being you. you are the best person i have ever met a memory i will never forget now such a feeling rules over me i am you, while i am me. remembering […]

the pleasure of pain….

sometimes it feels better to feel pain… it feels better to hurt yourself than to sit numb in a corner and wait for loneliness to fill your heart… even if you are sad, you are satisfied that atleast your heart has not lost its sensitivity….atleast it can still respond to the world around you, it […]

me vs. u……

everyday i meet a hundred people, a thousand pass by me on the streets n even more are the ones whom i can see on my television or on a social networking site…. everyone who passes by me… i ask them just one thing…. HW TRUE R U?? i get up in the morning , […]

the pangs of love…….

it used to fascinate me at times at how ppl fall in love n how do thy sacrifice all their heart n soul. how do thy make one person the axis of their life n how do thy forget everything when that special someone looks at thm n says those three magical words…. i even […]

best day of my life.part 1

i dnt hw it happnd…. i was just glad it happnd…. this is the story of me getting almost blinded for a month n doin thngs i never expected me to do…. sometimes u have to take chances in life….n i took a chance of meeting a complete stranger who was a lil elder to […]

is THIS love???

i ve never been able to understand what being in a relationship mean. like any another teenager i grew up listening to love songs n listening to stories about romeo n juliet. my frenz always wited for a prince charming to come on a white horse n take thm away to the land of love. […]

when two frenz separate…..

there used to be two frenz…. they both loved each other a lot. the first told da second that thy will be frenz forever. thy used to hang out, have fun. thy thot thy cud reach out to da stars.. ┬áthn one fine day the second needed the first…. no… she didnt want any consolation, […]