Welcome to my website! This is a space for my ideas on the internet. I am Neha, the writer whose spiritual and creative ideas you will read here. I am an entrepreneur. After graduating with a media degree, I started working in digital initiatives and running my own business.

But these labels don’t necessarily define me. I practice yoga and enter meditative trance frequently. I will always be a writer, but here, I want to show less of my writing talent and more of the concepts that reside in my mind. I want to talk to the world through this blog and let my voice be heard.

I am an advocate for natural living. In this world, it is impossible to live a 100% natural life. Still, I strive and I hope I inspire others to do the same. I am all for the metaphysical, positive vibes, strong energies and saving the planet- our only home. I do not intend to become a preacher because I am not 100% where I want to be. I simply intend to become a torchbearer for hundreds of thousands of people like me who understand that life is worth much more than breathing, learning, working, reproducing and dying.

The world needs another wave of spiritual learning and I hope that I inspire at least someone to get over their troubles, find sanity and peace and move to a world of spiritual fulfillment.


  • ravideepvashist

    nirmal baba is a fraud.he is making fool of people.people themselves want to fool themselves.reason only chosen lucky one are satisfied and happy. rest are struggling.this is where he is taking advantage.i dont blame baba. i blame people.bcz they want and expect immediate charisma to change their lives.this is human psychology.none of the gurs like sri sri,ramdev.asaram stc has done any thing for a cause.these smarties are filling their chests with gold.

    • NehaJoyChauhan

      you are right ravi.. until and unless people dont want to be fooled, nobody can dare play with their emotions… thanx for the comment…. 🙂 m glad that there are people who understand this fraud and choose not to be fooled.

  • ravideepvashist

    thanks neha.i request u to write about fast trak courts for vvips,politicians.every where they get priority except court.there should be a special fast trak court for vvips and politicians,where their cases should be disposed off speedily. this should be a nation wide campaign. people like mayawati, lalu grow rich from rags in a short span and no one is catching them.please write about this for the awareness of public and nation wide campaign.thanks

    • NehaJoyChauhan

      thanks a lot Ravi and what is better is that you are not only aware of socio-political issues but also want your fellow nationals to understand this subject. i have started this new series ‘Vision 2020’ in my blogs to write about issues whether social, economical, commercial or political. Will keep your request in mind. i am starting with my research on this topic and as soon as this research is complete, i will definitely come up with this issue in my blogs. thanks a lot for your valuable feedback …

  • sadist

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