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I am an Entrepreneur, founder of MyContentLab. It is a content creation firm that aims to provide unique, plagiarism free content to clients.

My aim was to create a firm that provides unique content without indulging in sensationalism or fake news. The write-up should be easy to read and easy to remember as well.

I am fond of writing, reading and cooking. Even though my schedule does not allow me much time to do any three of them daily, I try to read classic fiction books (Brave New World and The Catcher In The Rye are my favorites) and non-fiction books in the mythology segment. I write on my blog and have a carefree, uninhibited style of writing.

From becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 20 to meeting hundreds of people and making myself heard, I am a storyteller. I believe in the magic of words and the charm of a smile.

I have an excellent academic record to boast of and a few awards in debates that earned me a good reputation in the school circle. However, I still like to be known as the girl who you have a great conversation with, without feeling the need to look at your phone or your clock. People who know me bear a testimony to my beliefs.

I am interested in ideas, philosophies and discussions. Not very fond of coffee. I often get high on tea- Earl Grey, Lemon, Ginger or the good ole Masala Chai. Thoughts drive me and actions keep me sane. Strictly dislike people who whine about life’s troubles but never take an action, or at least try. Even if you are failing, what matters more is that you are trying.

You can read my posts, reply, comment and share them if you like. I must suggest that I may not reply instantly because of my taxing work schedule and personal obligations. However, I will reply for sure and as soon as possible.

6 Replies to “About”

  1. nirmal baba is a fraud.he is making fool of people.people themselves want to fool themselves.reason only chosen lucky one are satisfied and happy. rest are struggling.this is where he is taking advantage.i dont blame baba. i blame people.bcz they want and expect immediate charisma to change their lives.this is human psychology.none of the gurs like sri sri,ramdev.asaram stc has done any thing for a cause.these smarties are filling their chests with gold.

    1. you are right ravi.. until and unless people dont want to be fooled, nobody can dare play with their emotions… thanx for the comment…. 🙂 m glad that there are people who understand this fraud and choose not to be fooled.

  2. thanks neha.i request u to write about fast trak courts for vvips,politicians.every where they get priority except court.there should be a special fast trak court for vvips and politicians,where their cases should be disposed off speedily. this should be a nation wide campaign. people like mayawati, lalu grow rich from rags in a short span and no one is catching them.please write about this for the awareness of public and nation wide campaign.thanks

    1. thanks a lot Ravi and what is better is that you are not only aware of socio-political issues but also want your fellow nationals to understand this subject. i have started this new series ‘Vision 2020’ in my blogs to write about issues whether social, economical, commercial or political. Will keep your request in mind. i am starting with my research on this topic and as soon as this research is complete, i will definitely come up with this issue in my blogs. thanks a lot for your valuable feedback …

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