A Post For Cheating Men and Their Wives/Girlfriends

A Post For Men Who Cheat (And Their Wives/Girlfriends)

Cheating men come a dime a dozen. Now I wont suggest that all men are cheaters and perverts, but I am not suggesting otherwise either. Women are always pitched against each other. You will see how.

Many men, not all- but many who I have met are looking for sympathy. No matter how much they talk about women being emotional and shit, they want their sympathy. Some even believe that women will sympathetically get into their bed.

The Hunt Begins

“Oh look! What a poor chap he is. Life has totally run him down. Let me fuck him and cheer him up.”

That is the only porn movie running in the minds of these men, over and over and over again. And let me tell you, a majority of these men- a mind boggling majority, are happily married with kids.

They will portray on the outside that everything is right with them. They will show how much they love their wife and their kids and their family. A woman will find him harmless.

“hmm.. He is happily married. He is not hitting on me. He is totally harmless.”, she thinks.

So she feels somewhat secure with him. This man shows compassion and presents himself as a great figure to look up to. Damn, if only your husband or boyfriend or future boyfriend or future husband was like that.

Women have their guards down with these men. They know that he will not make inappropriate jokes with her, he will be a true gentleman and so on and so forth.

“What an exemplary man!”

“Chivalry is not dead!”

I will tell you something. It is dead indeed.

The Next Step

So when this man finds out that you have your guard down and you don’t see him as a threat, he slowly opens up to you. You have no idea of how perverted this man is. You don’t know his phone is filled with pornography and he shares them on groups with at least 50 other men. You don’t know the kind of super perverted jokes he shares. You don’t know anything about his woman. I bet even his wife doesn’t know a lot about him.

Superheroes may have double lives, but so do super villains, right? After all, having an affair could be quite a nice way to kill time on the side.

Slowly, this man will make a plan. He will try to be his sweet, gentlemanly self and try to woo you with his chivalrous charm. Then slowly, he will try to show you that his life is not as perfect as it seems.

A comprehensive guide to what married men always say

“It is a loveless, sexless marriage. All she is busy with is the kids. I have bills to pay. I have a family to keep. How will I do all this alone? I wish she was more supportive and understood my “EMOTIONAL” needs.”

“It was an arranged marriage. She is a nice woman you know. She is a very good wife but not quite the woman I wanted her to be. I wanted to spend my life with any intelligent, smart woman who was more than just a wife. You know… I… I wish I met you before.”

“I love her. I truly love her. I just don’t like a few things about her. She… she is just _________ (add some made up shit here). “

“She doesn’t understand me.”

“I wish she understood me like you do.”

“Sometimes, I feel like I want to break free and live my life for a moment.”

“I am going through so much. It is so difficult to keep a straight face but I try really hard.”

“For people, I am just a happily married guy. No one knows what is going on inside. “

“I have never opened up to anyone like I have opened up to you. It is like I am letting go of my emotional bondage. You have set me free.”

“We share a deep bond. We can’t really label this relationship that we share. It is just different. It is beautiful and I wish it remains this way forever.”

“We just live in the same house. We don’t even talk to each other.”

“You know. I have wanted a divorce on a number of occassions. But then I thought I will wreck my household and that will have a great impact on my children. My parents, her parents, our families- they all will be shattered. So I wait for things to get better. I just manage with whatever I have.”

Yada! Yada! Yada!


And you are falling

Listening to all this could make you feel special. You feel a kind of sympathy for him. You feel that he is going through so much and still being strong. You feel that he deserves something good. You admire that he can open up to you. What do women want? They want someone who can talk to them.

This guy talks to you. I swear if he had any problems and if he talked like that to his wife, she would have certainly listened and solved those problems. He shouldn’t be telling you what is wrong.

All the while he pretends to be a strong guy with a soft interior. He will tell you that he has feelings too. He will also tell you that he has bottled up his feelings for too long and now he cannot contain them any longer.

Then, when you are fully prepped, he will take you.

Talking is the best foreplay for women, I swear.

He has talked enough. Now all he craves for is a hug.

Then he instinctively leans on to kiss (or so you think).

That is the moment. You have lost. He has won.

After he is done, he will put up the same face of the gentleman.

A real gentleman will never cheat on his wife.

You have been duped. He will probably do that again. With you and other women maybe. All the while he will make you believe that he is a happily married person who won’t ever cheat on his wife. He will also make you believe that what you share with him is something divine. Yeah! Sure!

The trouble with the wife

And then there are the wives.

Oh my god! There is a reason you will constantly be duped by the husband. See, the ‘other woman’ that you think stole your husband, was also duped by him.

But I know what you will do.

You will think that this ‘other woman’ stole your man away from you.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn HIM and damn YOU!

If the wife and the other woman are both fools, the wife who thinks her man has been stolen is the bigger fool. You know why? Because you are in denial.

Tell me.

Is your husband a toy?

Is your husband a limited edition antique dick on an auction?

Is your husband a child who was lured by her?

Tell me what do you think?

How can someone steal your husband away from you if he doesn’t want it to happen? Worst so, how can she be allowed in his life romantically or sexually if he is not opening up to her or, in most scenarios, guiding her there. Leading her on.

How can someone steal your husband away from you if he doesn’t want it to happen? Worst so, how can she be allowed in his life romantically or sexually if he is not opening up to her or, in most scenario, guiding her there. Leading her on.

Sex is not as sacred. Seriously. You must have got a chance to hop on a dick and ride it like a pony before you got married. Maybe you still get opportunities. Maybe there are men in your office, in your neighborhood and in your friend circle who would want to get it on with you.

But, you don’t go.

It is your conscious decision to stay loyal to your partner.

Why can’t your husband take this decision?

Why can’t somebody steal you away from him?

Any answer?

The answer is simple and very clear. When you are in a relationship, you commit to each other. You vow in front of the world to stay loyal to each other. If you have the chance of staying loyal (let me also point out that women, on an average will find sex more conveniently than men), why can’t he?

Now you will ask questions.

“Oh she is a homewrecker.”

“But she knew he was married. Why did she sleep with him.”

“She wanted to steal my husband away. She should have known her boundaries.”

“I know these filthy sluts. They just want to sleep their way to the top. They don’t have any morals or shame.”

Oh yeah! She should have known her boundaries. TRUE.

She should have taught your husband some morals and shame too when he was shamelessly painting you as an inefficient wife. TRUE.

She should have been smart enough to understand that married men who approach her are merely interested in gaining sympathy and.. And her body. TRUE.

Understood. Fine. You are right here. Women can be such fools when it comes to love. Like her and YOU.

But you know who exactly stepped out of the marital boundaries? Your husband or the other woman?

Who is responsible to stay loyal to you and love you? Your husband or the other woman?

Who broke promises?  Your husband or the other woman?

And finally, who will stick to his sorry ass for a lifetime? You or the other woman?

He has done it once and he will do it again.

He will do it because you were in denial.

Affairs don’t just happen. They are made to happen. Women are wooed, charmed and made to believe that the man who is after her is somewhat divine. They are lied to. They are kept in a dungeon where she is bonded, but she always finds a garden of roses on the outside. This makes her womanly heart happy. She is happy that there are roses in the garden. She thinks it is HER garden and then she wants to protect it like a fierce lioness- NEVER understanding that the male is toying around behind her back. And this happens to both you women- the ‘wife’ and the ‘other woman/side chick’.

And no. This doesnt happen to the other woman alone. This is happening to you as well.

You, the wife.

You are both women. You both have your own soft corners. You both have your own sensibilities. You both are emotional and these emotions are often used against you, to make you fall.

I am sure that the percentage of real ‘home wreckers’ and ‘husband stealers’ is really less in the world, if they are present at all.

Most women – wives, girlfriends or ‘other women’, are just that, they are women.

And then there is a man who thinks he can conquer it all.

You know who is at fault now?

You see who is the culprit?

The other woman may leave him. Of course, you will try your best to screw her emotionally, financially and more. She will be broken and she will leave.

What about you?

What are you left with? What did you fight for?

Is it worth fighting for?

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