Why Is Motivation So Inconsistent?
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Why Is Motivation So Inconsistent?

Motivation is one of those myths that no one seems to wrap their heads across even though it seems the most common-sensical things we have around. Motivation isn’t simply an emotion. It is not simply a byproduct of will power but sometimes also a byproduct or habit. Several ‘life coaches’ and ‘gurus’ have created million-dollar empires for themselves by helping people feel ‘motivated’. The problem here is that motivation isn’t such a simple concept. You can kindle a flame in somebody’s heart for once and make them feel all excited to do things, but you can’t rekindle the same flame on Day 2, Day 3 of Day 4- if a person has the strength to carry on to that level.

Before we move further let’s check what somebody on the internet had to ask me.

A user asked me this question-

Why is the state of motivation not consistent in me? Why do I not make genuine effort to come out of mediocrity?

And here was my reply

Maybe you don’t like what you are doing to overcome the mediocrity that you are talking about. So that is one thought.

A more common cause could be lack of discipline. To keep any fire burning, you need to feed it fuel. Motivation isn’t some magical emotion that transforms everything around you and makes you super-determined to achieve your goals. In fact, motivation is like the rocket that launches a vessel into space. It can provide the initial thrust, but it can never carry you forward for long.

So instead of thinking about why you are motivated anymore, focus on bringing discipline in your life. Give yourself routines that you can follow. Focus on things that you really, genuinely like. Remove all things that distract you. You will eventually realize that moving ahead is a painful, uncomfortable process. It is only discipline that will get you through.

Did you see what we talked about here? Instead of focusing on that ‘feeling of motivation’ alone, we also focused on discipline.

Here is a wonderful video on the Science of Motivation that I think would be really helpful to you.

Let’s face it. We only have 24 hours a day and a will power that would last far lesser than that. With that will power, you have to wake up in the morning, decide whether showering is okay, or you can do without, which clothes to put on today, which colleagues to talk to and who to avoid and so on and so forth. Deciding that you ‘have to’ do something by the end of the day, therefore, becomes a tough job. After all, you don’t have enough motivation or will power left to handle a task.

Did you know that there is actually a study that suggests that judges are more likely to deny a prisoner parole at the end of the day? It is because the job is so mentally tasking and so exhausting that by the end of the day you simply want to say ‘no’ and carry on with your life. That is the path of least resistance and humans aren’t exactly the hard-working beasts that we are often showcased to be.

So, whenever you are thinking about motivation next, think about habits.

Want to write daily? You can’t rely on motivation. Rely on habit.

Want to go to the gym daily? Not motivation, it is habit.

How about refusing to eat junk food? Again… not motivation, but habit.

What is the easiest possible way to get in touch with me? Well that needs a little motivation, plus a little habit.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask.

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  • Mohinder Paul Verma

    Motivation is an internal feeling that you can use to take challenges, take the risk and to complete the ongoing task with dedication and commitment. You can not borrow motivation but can spread its essence around you.

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