What Weakness Do ENTJ Personalities Have? Neha Joy Chauhan
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What Weakness Do ENTJ Personalities Have?

An ENTJ is that extraverted, energetic field marshal who will kill you with kindness. The ENTJ focuses on ideas as well as concepts. They are not people who are left behind in details. They are people who create the big picture. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. However, they are not exactly people who you would see as successful in personal relationships. Ask me, an ENTJ, who believes that she has struggled with relationships all through her life. Conversations with a large group of people are never a problem but pouring your heart out to someone- well…

A user asked me this question:

What Weakness Does an ENTJ Personality Have?

Here is my answer-

This question deserves an essay but I would try to be precise. Like every other type, ENTJ too has some pitfalls. My answer is based entirely on personal experience. While it may apply to many, it is not a writing in stone.

1- Judging quickly

You can’t help but judge people. So after being called judgmental for years, I tried to understand if it is a personality flaw or something else. I didn’t have any fellow ENTJs in my vicinity so had to base it on personal experience. I judge, hate and get offended by people when I don’t see them working according to their ability. I often see people have a potential and firmly believe that everyone is talented and can be good at one thing at least. I often quickly find what they are good at, then ask them to work on their abilities, find that they are either reluctant or hopeless and then I judge. It all happens too quickly.

2- Becoming disenchanted with people

And it all happens way too soon. Connected with the first point, it is difficult to stand the fact that people don’t want to work on their shortcomings. I have done this so often, I kinda even stressed my already small number of relationships with people. Later, I felt that I need to work on my own shortcoming of minutely observing everything and forming opinions. I wouldn’t say that there is any change in my approach towards people, considering I can’t completely mold myself but since I have done this, I am much more at peace with people.

3- Always wanting to be in control

No, not a control freak at all but it somehow feels better to find that I am in control of my environment. This doesn’t manifest as control on people anymore but it certainly appears as control on your own emotions. This means not venting out, not crying when really needed. This could be harmful.

4- Not being sensitive enough or being too rational

Not that I don’t feel anything at all. I do. But then it is somehow natural to control emotions, find the rationale behind feelings, understand it and then just shrug it off like it was no big deal. So I generally take less time to get over things, especially when I have some sort of ‘mission’ to complete than others and it is taken as lack of emotional sensitivity.

There are a few others things but they are mostly connected with the ones listed above. I have always felt that my biggest problem is ‘people’. It gets very difficult to make people understand my vision and navigate around a relationship like they expect me to. I grow on people. They eventually realize I am warmer, friendlier and more sympathetic but it takes sooooo long.

So what is that one thing about this extraverted and intuitive personality type that makes them so problematic when it comes to emotions? Is it possible that our brains are wired differently than the others? Is it possible that we, as ENTJs are described to live one way and because we are perceived in this way, we accept it as a reality? I have understood a few of these aspects and tried to improve a few as well. A total and complete change is impossible but there is always some scope for improvement. I am on it.

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