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How To Control Hair Loss Due To PCOS

PCOS can be detrimental to a woman’s self esteem. There is no denying that a condition which can hardly be managed, even after devouring pills after pills, lands you in such a position that escape seems impossible. I have been through this (and going through it) and I understand the kind of frustrations that it could bring.

The most destructive symptom of PCOS is hair fall. It is rampant, no shampoos can help it and it doesn’t stop no matter what you do. This happens when you are handling this condition the common way. Here is one answer that could help you get better hair.

A user asked:

How do i control hair loss that occurred due to PCOS?

Here is my answer +extra insights:


I suffer from PCOS just like you. I am also fairly overweight and have been unable to control the weight regardless of any diet or exercise. Fortunately, for me, the hair problems stopped an year ago and since then my hair is growing. Here are a few things I did. I hope that helps you as well.

1. Stop using too many hair products. The more you use them, the faster your hair would fall. I personally stuck to just one kind of shampoo. No heat treatment. No excessive styling. Plain nothing. The more products and styling tools you expose your hair too, the worse its quality will become. PCOS or not, ‘natural’ is the keyword for all your hair care.

2. Cut your hair comfortably short and get a nice haircut. If it suits your face, your worries will be gone for a short period and at least you will have a reason to smile. I had to cut my hair a little beneath my chin as 2/3rd of my hair was gone. That way it looks fuller and you have a temporary fix to begin with. Remember, it is not a remedy that will work forever, but you can definitely get started with it.

3. PCOS comes with androgen excess which makes the scalp oilier and leads to hair loss. Choose a very mild shampoo and wash your hair as soon as you find oil residue in your hair. A wash every third day would be okay but you can change your frequency depending on the oiliness. Again, choose a very very mild shampoo so that your hair does not face any ill effects. DO NOT over-wash your hair. If possible, use natural hair washers like ritha, amla and shikakai powder. They are milder, make your hair shine and don’t have any ill-effects whatsoever.

4.  Don’t feel stressed because your hair is falling as it would lead to more hair loss. Hair naturally falls out when its life cycle is complete and you should not worry as long as you are growing new hair. When alopecia or male pattern hair loss becomes too severe in PCOS and lost hair doesn’t grow back, you will have to use onion juice to grow back hair. Again, onion juice topical remedy will work better if you have a good diet.

5. Of course, in case of PCOS the fall rate is higher than the growth rate. Just find a good oil and massage your hair at least an hour before the wash. Though the hair is naturally oily right now, it is the massage that helps. Don’t be too harsh. Sweet almond oil or heated coconut oil works wonders. You can also use a little castor oil on your hair.

6. Increase biotin intake. Take a supplement if you must. Your diet must contain vitamin B7 (fancy name- biotin), Vitamin E and Vitamin C along with protein. If you are eating a clean and healthy diet without minutely measuring the daily caloric or nutrition intake, then too you will end up just fine. Balance your diet. Eat healthier and eat as natural as possible.

This is it. I did not do anything special or did not use any specific shampoo or conditioner. My hair used to fall at every comb stroke but now it is healthier, stronger and thicker. You just need to adopt a simple/basic hair care routine and stick to it religiously. Plus, I did something more.

I stopped caring too much about my hair fall. It was difficult as people point it out to you right away but hey! who said you have to pay attention to what people have to say? Just be happy, find a new hairstyle or get a new haircut, follow these very very simple steps and you will definitely have great hair within a few weeks. Please, please don’t use too many products or be too experimental, even if the remedy is herbal or natural. It will just deteriorate the hair quality.

Note: is your thyroid in check? if not, you may want to get it tested as it leads to hair loss.

PCOS is such a devastating condition. It makes you look horrible. There is no other way to define it. Your stomach looks bloated, your body’s structure changes, you become hirsute and the hair loss is just devastating. No second thoughts about it.

After years of my personal struggle, I have come to realize that fighting against it is not an option. You have to accept the condition and then work on it, slowly but surely. The best way forward is to adopt a natural approach and achieve an impossible feat- stop stressing about the condition and engage your energies in a creative pursuit. Will share more about this in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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