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Feel like you are good at nothing in life?

The feeling of uselessness or nothingness have become so common these days. Everyone is posting awesome selfies on Instagram and secretly searching for ways to boost confidence and self-esteem. Don’t you think there is something that is missing in our lives? Of course we have been taught a lot at schools, homes and even on the streets. What we have not been taught is how to live a more fulfilled life. We have not been taught to believe.

I always try to answer all questions that people ask me. Here is one of them.

A user had this question-

I feel that I am good at nothing in life. What should I do?

The answer to this question wasn’t as simple as you would imagine. In fact, it was quite complicated. Such feelings don’t suddenly sprout from somewhere. Instead, they are nurtured over time. You will always find that these feelings erode your self-esteem and turn you into something else.

Your thoughts are very powerful. Water gliding along rocks for centuries can turn them into debris. Similarly, thoughts that always stay in your mind can not only change your personality but also your reality.

Here is my answer:

I am 24 and I feel the same. I get paid well. I have a family that takes care of me. No boyfriend but life is good with my friends by my side. I often go out, handle all the things well at work and home alike. Still, I thought that I have not achieved much. This was until a week ago. I realized that I was comparing my life with people. I was wondering why I don’t have everything that other people have. You know, it is when we don’t have a clear goal in mind and when we compare ourself with everyone else that these things happen.

So last week, I made a list. I was serious about what I wanted. Yes, a Skoda and a home I would gift to my family was top priority. Then came a successful career and maybe someday a man who I can share my life with. THAT WAS IT. I did not want an iphone or the latest clothes, trends, this and that. This is all I could ever ask for and now I am just focusing on these things and working towards achieving them. Nothing else matters, nothing else will.

Life was not meant to be interesting. Life was meant to be mundane. It gets interesting when you are interested in something that truly catches your fancy. Find it and work for it. Until you don’t, no holiday, no fancy vacations, not even a girlfriend will change anything about your life.

I always try to bring answers to people through personal experiences. Over the years, I have realized that we are not different. We are all the same. We all go through similar experiences. We all make the same mistake. There is this will to distinguish ourselves using clothes, jewelry, money and what not. When you boil down to the basics, you find that each one of us is the manifestation of the same soul, the same atma, the same brahma.

To really get over this feeling of nothingness, realize that we are only a speck of dust, living on another speck of dust- a small ball of debris. But don’t remain stuck there. Our time here is limited and through the sheer power of will, the most intelligent being that the universe has even seen- human, should know what his purpose in life should be.

Always remember, unless you try, there is no failure but there is no success either. If you must live, live a life that you could be proud of.

Love someone with all your heart. Engage in your work like your life depends on it. Spend your life in searching for the truth. Spend your time nurturing your legacy in the form of your family. Give your all in one thing. We don’t have time for two, three or more pursuits. Make your goals and just go on doing small things everyday to reach these goals.

More on this, in future posts!

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