Am I The Only One Getting Tired of Facebook?- Answered

Am I The Only One Getting Tired of Facebook?- Answered

We are getting back to the good old questions and answer session and this time, we will focus on something really important to all of you reading this post. Facebook has become almost an essential in our every day lives but there are some of us who don’t want to use it anymore or are using it less and less every passing day.

Here is a question someone asked me about Facebook.

Am I the only one getting tired of using Facebook? If you feel the same, why do you feel that way?

And here was the answer:

I have started despising Facebook. It was fun in the beginning but then people became all political and tried to showcase a perfect life which didn’t really exist. It was the flakiest I had ever seen. The political stuff was just too much to handle and there was propaganda about everything and anyone.

People started tagging in posts and as soon as Facebook opened its gates to publishers, there were hosts of idiots spreading utter nonsense on my feed and people even liked it. I was getting exposed to all of this without even wanting to and I hated it.

Facebook also seemed to peek into every aspect of my life and I wasn’t comfortable doing it. I didn’t want to post every pic, share every location and speak every thought. It was getting too much to handle.

Facebook was too much to bear. I haven’t used in a while.

As I am in the digital marketing industry and content industry, I have used Facebook for clients and the results were either flaky or untrustworthy. I would never run a campaign on Facebook for my clients (they prefer fake likes over organic reach) and this hampers my clients’ ability to reach its real audience.

I even wrote a post about it on Medium- Less Social, More Sociable – Neha Joy Chauhan – Medium

Do you have any views on Facebook and its growing interference in our lives? Let me know in the comments below.



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