#52weeks52challenges- #Week6- Communicate

#52weeks52challenges- #Week6- Communicate

Communication is the key to human relationships. Often, this communication finds itself hidden between two extreme realities of ‘i am busy’ and ‘I want to talk to you’. Of course we have to learn to make time for things in life but sometimes, time just flies by. You want to communicate but you can’t. Slowly, the neurons that made communication possible, or maybe even vital for our survival kind of give up on us. Our hopeless selves forget how to talk to people and hold a real conversation.

So, the challenge for #week6 is to communicate with people.

You are never too busy to communicate, but maybe you are

This isn’t just my problem. This is the problem of my generation. Many people around me feel numb when it comes to communication. Don’t get us wrong. We were emotional, sentimental and very sensitive creatures back in the day. Something amazing happened the moment we entered the workforce. We were no longer the people who thought things through.

Back in the day, I would be very concerned if people reached home and if they were okay because they hadn’t contacted me for a while. Now, it all seems worthless. Neither do I contact them, nor do I want to be contacted by them. This wonderful situation shoots itself in the eye because deep down, we all want someone to call and contact.

There is this feeling of loneliness that has taken over us. We would rather pass out drunk than be with people and talk to them for real. That doesn’t make much sense, does it? But it happens you know, with my generation, with people I know, with me.

My friend of almost 2 decades believes that you are never too busy to communicate, if you really want a relationship to continue. She is right. The only problem is that Mondays quickly give way to Sundays and weekends turn into busy weekdays in flip seconds and before you realize, it has been years since you met someone.

Communicate- but only stick to quality

So when I thought about communicating better with people I knew, I wasn’t obviously too interested in people who were not an active part of my life, in the past three years at least. I just focused on people who were active. Maybe I will expand this blanket of communication in the future to others too. This week I just focused on people I knew and people who I may have been avoiding for the past some time.

You may think that I started talking more to people. In fact, I started listening less to people or groups that did not matter. I have practically stopped using Facebook altogether. I can’t recall the last time I logged in. With WhatsApp, I had to go through the same old story of unncessary stress and political propoganda. I was a part of several groups I didn’t even like or wanted to be a part of. Everytime you left the family group or another social group, somebody will add you right back. It is like a vicious circle and you feel trapped.

While I started talking more with the people who actually mattered in my life, I started paying less attention to things that didn’t. The result is a phone that doesn’t receieve too many notifications. There is ahrdly any dopamine left in checking your phone several times a day. However, the conversations that are left are still good quality and I enjoy them nonetheless.

Previous challenges

I am still having quite a tough time adjusting to these new habits and routines. However, I am happy that I am still taking a few good steps in this direction. I fail often but on most occassions, I am able to pick myself up and do stuff that matters the most to my well-being.

#Week1 intermittent fasting is back on track. Although I am moving very slowly in this driection now. This time, I focused on merely 13 hours of fasting and 11 hours of eating. Of course, it doesn’t make much difference to your eating schedule but it is good enough to prep yourself for what is coming next.

#Week2 water challenge is still on. I am not drinking 3 liters of water each day which is heartbreaking but yeah I am going up to 2 liters steadily which is almost double than what I consumed in late 2017.

#Week3 challenge of ‘1 hour of me time’ is not really counting in the minutes. But yes, I am more conscious about putting some effort into my time and utilize it for doing something good in these 60 minutes.

#Week4 challenge of meditating for at least 10 minutes a day continues, even though I am meditating more on good music than anything else.

#Week5 challenge of reducing the workload continues. I must admit I have started feeling ill at ease with all this ‘less work’ thing.

#Week6 challenge has been a great learning experience about people and how they matter and why interaction is the key to relationships. Will write more about it someday.

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