#52weeks52challenges- #Week5- Reduced Workload

#52weeks52challenges- #Week5- Reduced Workload

The 5th week of the #52week52challenges routine is dedicated to reduced workload. If you are like me, you spend a good part of your day either working or thinking about work. This hasn’t helped any of us really. I am thinking about work all the time. This obsession isn’t healthy. You obviously want your quality of life to be better than this. So what could we probably do? I kept thinking…

And I thought, maybe reduced workload could help

All this time, I have been obsessed with work. When I first started out, I was a workaholic. I could go on and on for days at a stretch and would spend the night, sleeping happily that I had finishing what I had gone. Snap and here we are. Today, I hate to admit it, I ‘think more and ‘do’ less. This is because thinking is a part of my job now but mostly because thinking now feels more convenient.

After years of working, you eventually start feeling less engaged. There is nothing that can bring you back from the world of boredom and fatigue. Hell, you could look at work and feel fatigued. This is all too normal. No need to beat yourself for this… alas! we all are guilty of this crime.

We are frustrated with ourselves because we are frustrated with our work because we are frustrated creatures now. Complicated? No. It is a trap and we are all stuck in it.

I wanted to get out and so, I decided, even thought it was a pain, that I will now have reduced workload. It was only 1/3rd of the work I normally do. I couldn’t have been more clueless, but I did it. The results were better than I imagined.

What happened during the reduced workload period

I was lost. I thought I was in a park for a morning walk but had forgotten my way back home. I had at least 5 more hours of free time each day and I had no clue what to do. It was as if somebody has taken life away from me. The first day was the longest of them all.

I had painted my nails, had a relaxing bath, cleaned my room, set up my wardrobe and tweeted. What else was there left to do. Dinner was over and I was standing there, listening to songs and staring at a room heater.

I toured the house. Went to each room, hoping to find something (I had  no clue what to find BTW). I was just hoping some work would pop up from somewhere. It was a sad state of affairs.

Ironically, I felt no need to be online anymore. I was better off listening to songs and even they were stopped after a while. I slept well that night- better than I had slept in the past 3 months. It was a wonderful experience. Every day, I would complete my work by 5 pm or 6 pm and just wander aimlessly around the house.

I discovered new music, listened to some old music, watched the Cosmos series (again!!) and watched a couple of movies too. I danced a lot. It was fun.

Some emotions that were buried deep down started to surface. Of course, I was not proud of them but they were present and had to acknowledge their existence.

I dreamed two lucid, detailed, beautiful and very long dreams this week. Now, this was something I had not experienced in a long, long time.

I was about to burst with feelings on Saturday. I controlled it somehow.

Sunday morning, on the last day of the challenge, I woke up because I was crying so hard in my dream. It was a realization that something I had loved very dearly had gone and I needed to vent it all out. 2 months after the event, I find myself crying uncontrollably at 6 am in the morning.

And when I stop finally, I open my eyes and see the sunrays entering my room. The same old sunrise that brings beauty and hope to this world. I spent the next 1-2 hours thinking about all that had been lost- including some motivation to work.

It was good that I finally recognized emotions I don’t like to recognize. It makes you feel at peace. I was happier, calmer and more clear today. Even spent the afternoon finishing chores I had been delaying for weeks and writing- spontaneously, another thing that I had not done in a while. It wasn’t a ‘happy’ experience, but it was good.

Previous challenges

As I mentioned earlier, my body started revolting against #week1 intermittent fasting schedule. So I gave it a break in #week4 and continued doing so in #week5 as well. There is no point starving and feeling stressed, right? I will start again but will wait before I could do it again.

#week2 challenge for 3 liters of water each day is still the same. The average is 2.1 liters this time. Not a very significant improvement since last time but it is something.

#week3 challenge for giving myself 1 hour of ‘me time’ continued. It is refreshing. I can grow addicted to this.

#week4 challenge of meditating 10 minutes each day is continuing too. I did it for 6 days this week. A headache on Wednesday didn’t let me focus on anything at all.

Overall, life is changing a little each week and I am trying to be a better version of myself each day. Hope this works. Fingers crossed.

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