#52weeks52challenges- #Week 7- Going Out More Often

#52weeks52challenges- #Week 7- Going Out More Often

I like going out, but that doesn’t mean I like to go out often. All my life, I have been a perfect homebody. I would rather prefer to stay home than explore the city. It doesn’t mean I hate going out per se. It just means I would prefer to be home any day. Getting out of the comfort zone is essential. So I thought I should step out of home through the week to get some fresh air and to rekindle old friendships too. It worked out pretty well.

Why going out more often is a challenge?

Reason #1, I am a homebody. Clear confession.

Reason #2, my office is on the second floor of my house. So you pretty much realize how often I move out of my home. I don’t move out for a daily commute like others. Of course, I would get out and meet people every so often, especially those who work with me, I am not much of an office worker. In fact, I have felt extremely uneasy working in offices. I consider them more of a distraction than anything else.

So going out and actually meeting people will obviously be a challenge for a person like who doesn’t even like to go out that frequently.

This was one heck of a challenge for me because ‘aadat se majbur’ I would find one or the other way to snub any chances of going out and just stay at home, watching Netflix or staring at a wall or something. To be honest, I don’t always do productive stuff when I am free and at home. Maybe I would clean my room. Maybe I would just go through some old books. Maybe I would try to find something new to watch on Netflix and give up eventually.

So when I decided that I ‘should’, ‘would’ and ‘most definitely’ go out, I was moving out of a comfort zone created in 2 decades. Damn!

What happened during #Week7?

OK, here it is. I went out every day of the week. On three days, it was just a trip to the grocery store. On 2 days, it was just a walk around the block. But on the other two days, I literally had a blast.

I am a part of this intiative called ‘Roti Day Club India’, started by my friend Sahil Yadav. Every month, volunteers meet and distribute food supplies to underprivileged children. After having not been able to be a part of three consecutive events, I went this time. The best thing- there were as many as 400 kids in a school who we met. They were beautiful little kids trying to turn their lives around 180 degrees by getting quality education, thanks to some patrons and many hardworking non-profits.

There, I also met Amit Chhetri, Mr. India 2016. I must admit I was oblivious to his title when we first talked. He was a big, BIG man and we were chatting about the initiative and all the stuff we could do to help the kids. We were introduced to each other and I was busy trying to recall where I had heard this name before.

And then, BANG… he is that Amit Chhetri. Anyway, he is a really sweet and humble man and I found him quite interested in this idea. It is a great thing to meet accomplished people who genuinely want to take part in social initiatives, not just for a photo-op.

After that, we had a nice lunch at Tavern- one of my personal favorites in town. This little quaint place is as much of a beautiful experience as the food they serve. This is one place I go to simply because there are never too many people around. Not a crowd lover, honestly.

Was it fruitful? Yes, it was. Going out more often opens you to a new road of opportunities. I am not sure of how long I will be able to continue this but I hope I will be able to finally start moving out a little more often.

Previous challenges

#Week1 intermittent fasting continues. Fasting 13-14 hours a day for now.

#Week2 3 liters of water is still somehow stuck at only 2 liters.

#Week 3 ‘1 hour of me time’ continues. Though I may make time for other things cutting this time short in the future.

#Week4 meditating for 10 minutes a day is continuing. Though I think I should be able to increase the time a little more.

#Week5 challenge for reduced workload continues.

#Week6 challenge of communicating more continues. Actually picking up phones now. Success rate is still 60% but hey it’s better than where we started.

Looking forward to a new week and a new journey.


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