#52weeks52challenges- #Week3- 1 Hour of Me Time

#52weeks#52challenges- me time

Here we are, at the end of #Week3 of my #52weeks52challenges. Nothing had made me happier than this week. It has helped me feel more centered and happier in general. What happened this week? I pledged to dedicate one hour to myself. It was a ‘me time’ sorta thing that people often claim to give themselves when they are tired of the world and its stress. The good news is- it works.

It all started with an absent sense of well-being

When you are an adult with a ‘job’ and ‘responsibilities’, a sense of general well-being often says goodbye to you. No matter how much you try to bring it back, it looks like it has gone past a horizon you can’t explore. I could call myself a victim of the same situation. Life was fine, but not exactly what I wanted.

I have spent enough time in the corporate to understand that you could either have a personal life and personal goals or a corporate job. However, as an entrepreneur too, you face the same dilemma. You always want to go the extra mile, do the extra work and be extra productive. You want to give your work more time at the expense of this ‘me time’ and it always backfires.

I have been through the same journey so often during my adult life that burnout and ‘this it it, I can’t delay a vacation anymore’ have been very common themes of my life all this time. You know why something like this happens? It is because you forget to give yourself some time. It is because you believe that you need to ‘utilize’ your time doing something instead of just taking a break.

And hence sprung the ‘me time’ idea. For one week straight, I had to give myself 1 hour. No excuses. One hour each day of ‘me time’. I was sick and tired of waking up each day and thinking about work. I was sick and tired of switching my laptop off and going to sleep right away. I needed a life.


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The rules of ‘me time’

Okay, so one hour is the time you can easily spend trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix. So, the rules of ‘me time’ very pretty clear from the beginning.

  • No TV, no Netflix during ‘me time’
  • No slouching, no net surfing
  • You are not using Whatsapp or social media
  • No YouTube
  • You are free to do pretty much anything else

Pretty simple rules, aren’t they? I think this week was more fun than the last two.


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What happened during the ‘me time’?

Some people have a false assumption that you can watch TV shows and feel good. You can’t. You are just sitting there, watching some people enact some character that you may feel connected with. That is it. Nothing more. The ‘me time’ has to be more than being passive witnesses to a fictional character’s life.

I was tempted to watch a show on Netflix. I was tempted to check social media, check Twitter and Instagram and see what was happening. I was quite tempted. But, I am glad to say that I successfully left the temptation behind. The week proceeded in an eerie fashion though but it was a good experience nonetheless.

Day 1- completely clueless about what to do. I spent the first 30 minutes thinking about what could possibly be done in just one hour. I eventually ended up walking around my verandah and listening to songs I haven’t heard in a while. It was nice. I had no purpose. It felt fantastic.

Day 2- Again, I was tempted to stop this one hour of ‘me time’ thing and just get back to work. Thankfully I did not. I instead tried to do ‘crochet’. I have always liked it but never really learnt. I just know some basics and was able to make a little, qaurter-sized disc type of thing. I will share pictures of it on Instagram. It is a cute, unfinished little thing but I love it.

Day 3- Just danced. It was fun. I was dancing like no one else was looking. I think I played ‘Stayin’ Alive’ close to 10 times and ‘Wake Me Up When You Go Go’ the rest of the time. I wasn’t thrilled because the moment I got tired of the two songs and wanted to change, I had already spent 45 minutes. ‘Let’s make the best of it’, I thought to myself and within a minute I was acting like a gold-chain-wearing rapper and pretended to have suddenly earned millions and played this song.

Day 4- I was back to the ‘music and verandah walking’ routine. Only this time, I was thinking about ways to make my business processes more productive and even working with new people to breathe in fresh new vibes at work. Nice!

Day 5- It was sunny on Day 5 and I did nothing but talk about a hundred different things, soaking the sun and sipping tea. Wow! beautiful.

Day 6- Painted nails, danced and went through the books I have to find out which title to read next. The last 20 minutes of the hour were spent preaching my folks about life, death, cortisol and adrenaline. I was eloquent.

Day 7- Singing and dancing is getting old. It is a Sunday and I am spending the day cleaning my room. ‘Dark Necessities’ by Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing in the background (even I have no idea why) and I am cleaning my room. It isn’t particularly fun but I spent one hour doing it anyway. My room looks so much better now. I love it!


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Previous challenges

Yes, I am continuing with the previous challenges as well. I am still following intermittent fasting, sticking to the 13:11 schedule still. My work schedule isn’t allowing me to stretch it any further but I could hopefully make a change over the course of the next few days.

As far as water intake is concerned, yes, I am still consuming water. The weekly average turned out to be about 2.5 liters this week, which isn’t bad.

Now I am all set for #Week4 of the challenge which is meditating for at least 10 minutes each day. Let’s see how it goes. I will keep you updated. 🙂

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