#52weeks#52challenges- water challenge

#52weeks52challenges- Week #2 Increased Water Intake

The second week of #52weeks52challenges is not just easy but something that I have been looking forward to since a long time. The challenge was exceedingly simple to look at i.e. drink at least 3 liters of water per day. But as the week unfolded, it was more difficult than I could have ever imagined.

This is my Life Makeover program and I am trying to make healthier, smarter changes to my lifestyle to help me be my best self. As 2018 unfolds, you will see many of these challenges all simple to do but all important in becoming physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

Week #2 begins – 3 liters of water/day

The challenge for week #2 is drinking at least 3 liters of water each day. An average female needs about 2.7 liters of water per day to remain in top shape. As I am heavier and wanted to give myself a better target to work on, I opted for 3 liters of water per day. The hopes were high, of course. I was expecting better skin and better digestion, which happened eventually and I am happy about it. Here are my experiences through the week and my final thoughts on increasing your water intake.


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How 3 liters of water per day went

It was difficult at first. I am living in the foothills of the Himalayas where it gets really cold in the winter and drinking water is the last thing on your mind when it is 4 to 6 degree Celsius outside. At first it seemed liked a lot of work. It had been ages since I had about 3 liters of water per day. But I buckled up, it is a challenge of course. Here is how my week went.

Day 1- 2.6 liters

Day 2- 3 liters (yayyy!!)

Day 3- 1.5 liters (in my defense, it was just too cold to drink water)

Day 4- 2.3 liters

Day 5- 3 liters

Day 6- 3 liters

Day 7- 2.1 liters

It is Day 7 of the challenge and I have only 900 ml to reach my goal. I will hopefully be there by the end of the day.

It was difficult to measure the amount of water you consumed a day- it felt really awkward. I could have easily missed my target on all days just because measuring the amount of water you drink each day never made sense to me. I did it anyway and it felt great. The whole idea was to ensure that 3 liters of water per day became a habit. I should be drinking at least that much each day, without consciously thinking about it. By the looks of it, I am sure I can pull it off, especially as summer comes around and days get longer and hotter.


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Should you drink more water?

Yes, you absolutely must. It helps you in several ways. Let us first understand why 3 liters of water per day is essential.

  • You are not drinking as much water as you need

3 liters of water is what you ‘need’ every day to stay healthy and remain in top shape. It is not a fancy goal that you must try to achieve. It is, in fact, the bare essential. If you do not pump in this number, it is time you start doing it RIGHT NOW!

  • It makes your skin glow (P.S.- I don’t use moisturizer)

Looking for glowing, beautiful skin? Your answer is water. Let me tell you something no one ever will- even the best hydrating creams and most potent moisturizer in the world will not make your skin as soft and supple as water can. Do not underestimate the power of hydrating your cells by consuming water. You will not need any other product if you only learn how to moisturize your skin properly.

I, for instance, DO NOT USE A MOISTURIZER, unless absolutely necessary. I sometimes use it when I am going out, just before applying a day cream. That is it! Nothing more, nothing less.

However, in winter, a moisturizer becomes a necessity. Your skin becomes dry and flaky. Throughout this winter, my limbs remained dry and needed a generous dose of moisturizers too. Then I increased by water intake and the skin was naturally supple and soft. I didn’t use moisturizer all week-long and I didn’t even feel the need for it. Good for starters.

  • Your digestion will thank you

Oh yes! it will. By increasing your water intake, you will be helping your digestive tract move ‘stuff’ out faster. If you r remain constipated or have any issues related to digestion, try drinking more water and see the difference. For people who go once in two or three days- water will bring poo time every single day and you will be healthier, trust me.

  • You just feel better

So many people I know drink less than 1 liter of water each day and always complain about constipation, dry hair, dry skin, dandruff, hair falling off and even headaches. Yes, they will have persistent headaches without any credible explanation. If you find yourself riding the same train, get off it and start drinking more water. Your general well-being will be much better. If you are frequently bloated, you may also notice changes. Just start drinking water. No soda, no cola- just water.

You SHOULD drink more water. There is no simpler or easier way to approach good health than this. Start now.


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Previous challenges

My #Week1 challenge was intermittent fasting and I continued doing so this week as well. I haven’t reached the 16:8 timing yet but this week I managed to get to 13 hour fasting and 11 hour eating which is one hour better than the last week.

An important thing about the second week is that I did not notice a significant weight loss. In #Week1 I lost 4 pounds in just 7 days. In the second week, I experienced weight loss again, but this time it was only 1 pound. Doctors suggest that it is a healthy weight to lose each week, which is fine.

I believe that the weight that I lost in #Week1 could have very well been water weight. So when I started consuming more water (I was barely having two liters of water per day in the first week), my results were obviously not as exciting. In fact, in the first 3 days, I actually ended up 2 pounds shy of my original weight. Then it slowly came down till I had lost 3 pounds more.

So, at the end of 2 weeks my skin is better, my digestion is better and I have already lost 5 pounds. Good, isn’t it? I hope to continue with both as I move on to #Week3 which is giving myself at least one hour of ‘me time’ each day. Why? Learn about it in the next post.

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