Overwhelmed When Trying To Plan My Future

Overwhelmed When Trying to Plan my Future

Won’t it be simple and easy if our life just glided along? You are born, you study, you get a job, get married, have kids and so on. Everything is so well laid out in this plan. Nothing seems to be dwindling from the truth we have been told our whole lives.

Still, there lies a taste of uncertainty in life. You want life to go in one direction and it ends up the other. Rational people suggest that we throw spontaneity aside and learn to plan our lives. The problem is that every time you sit down to plan your life, you feel overwhelmed. It appears as if time is passing way too fast and you cannot match its pace. February 2018 looks closer to September 2017 than it has ever has.

A user was concerned about this. They felt overwhelmed while trying to plan their future. This sounds a little familiar. I remember walking out of college with a degree and feeling like the ‘king of the world’ for a brief moment. After that, it is a complete blackout. You realize that planning your future is not as easy as it seems. There are many things trying to gain your attention and you marvelously fail in planning a future you cannot be sure about.

Can we really plan our future?

I believe we cannot. We can, however, try to make sense of the time we have. It is impossible for us to really dictate what happens in our future. Whenever you plan something for the future, do not try to be too rigid. You will fail. How? Let me explain this with the help of an example. I planned yesterday to dedicate an hour in the morning to myself. No work. No talks. No meetings. No phone calls. For an hour, I would be completely alone with myself, doing nothing but lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling. Do you know what happened in the morning? Guests came over. The entire hour that I had scheduled for myself had to be sacrificed. Was I irritated? No.

If I cannot schedule or plan something 24 hours in the future, can I really plan my life?

The whole point is planning is ‘trying’ to make things happen. We mostly imagine things happening to us or just go with the flow. The real essence of life could lie somewhere else, like planning some moments.

So, can we plan a wedding? Yes, we can.

But, can we expect real life to follow our plans to a T? No.

Don’t worry about what you plan for the future. Your plans may fail and may even demand some more flexibility. Relax. Plan still. I will write more about it in the upcoming posts. For now, read the excerpts of the question and answer.

The question that the user asked was simple but it had a hidden anxiety too. Here is the complete question:

Why do I get so overwhelmed whenever I try to plan out my future?

Here is my answer:

Everybody gets overwhelmed right here. Yeah. This is the point you think life is just too much. You cannot plan it. You can think about it but how can you plan it. The things that may happen to you are outside your  view.

However, planning becomes essential. Gives us a sense of security. How do you plan then? Make short term plans. A week, a month or maybe a project at a time. Keep the distant future in view but don’t get distracted by it. You cannot control it from where you are right now.

Maybe the scale of the planning freaks you out. So when you can’t bite off whole, cut it into smaller pieces and enjoy.

Do you want to know more about how to plan your life? Stay tuned as I post about planning for the future and getting the best out of the little time we have on planet Earth.

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    Ashline Sukhija

    (October 25, 2017 - 8:58 am)

    i feel the same.
    i just dont knwo what to do with my future
    I just cleared 12th and my life is a mess

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