I am Unable to Groom Myself. What is Wrong With me? Grooming questions

I am Unable to Groom Myself. What is Wrong With me?

The questions about looks and grooming keep popping up in my questions section. Everyone wants to look their best. Everyone wants themselves to look like celebrities. It is not always possible and ‘looking like celebrities’ is the worst offense in an effort to groom yourself, at least in my opinion. Listen, they have an army of people handling their looks and you probably have a handful of people giving their own style advice to you. Be careful.

Overweight people and grooming

If you are overweight, the problem with grooming becomes even more depressing. First, there is problem in finding the right clothes and then there are issues with the right style. The kind of advice available for overweight men and women online is little and of no use. I have watched a few videos myself and trust me, there was nothing interesting or even helpful in these videos. You are left to your own. Keep searching, keep finding. No one is coming here for help.

One user, an overweight girl, thinks that she is always untidy and can’t pull herself up as well as other girls. She is stuck in a vicious circle of self-loathing, embarrassment and feeling that she does not deserve much. She retires into her shell at every opportunity. Let us hear her question and my answer.

Here is the complete question:

I am unable to groom myself. What is wrong with me?

When any guest come to my home, I always have to run to my room as I am untidy. When I go to social function or at work, I look dull than others & it’s true. No matter what I wear, nothing suits me. I’m obese & my belly is very big but there are other obese girls too who I see are well groomed.


Here is my answer:

Oh, okay. Your idols are going wrong here. See, obese people can be fashionable too. So maybe it is pressed in your subconscious.

“People are going to comment at my appearance anyway, why bother with grooming at all?”

Is this what you think?

I have seen many many morbidly obese women looking like a bombshell. They are well groomed, have their hair trimmed nicely, their clothes fit properly and they feel great about themselves.

I am not morbidly obese but yes I am a very thick woman, have always been. My hair dos change very often, my hair color too. I am always roaming around home in a pair of pajamas. But yes, I am not untidy. I don’t feel the need to show people that I am miserable just because my belly is larger than anyone else. Yeah, who cares man? Be cool, be fun.

Stay tidy. Get a good haircut. When you go to buy clothes, don’t shop for clothes that your slimmer friends wear. Don’t even shop for those tents that some plus size stores sell. It is going to be difficult but you will find a way. Wear what suits your body shape. Try on different outfits and take some fashion inspiration online. There are tons of blogs, vlogs and even instagram and Pinterest accounts to give you the needed motivation.

See, people will comment anyway. Isn’t it? That is what they are there for. So you make sure that they comment about how good you look regardless of the weight and not about how bad you look because of your weight. Be an inspiration to others around you. Everyone is insecure whether fat or slim. Show them that you are fun size!

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