PCOS Hair, Diet and Medicine Recommendations In Brief

PCOS Hair, Diet and Medicine Recommendations In Brief

Hey there, last time we read about one of the most daunting problems related to PCOS i.e. hair loss. This time, we we will be focusing on the hair, diet and medicine recommendations that will help women suffering from this condition. Most young girls who are diagnosed with this condition immediately start feeling embarrassed of themselves.  In fact, I have noticed that a feeling of embarrassment takes over women suffering from PCOS and they immediately start to feel that they are not ‘womanly enough’. Yes, such thoughts are quite prevalent among sufferers and I have been a victim to these thoughts in my head too.

Here is a question by a young girl suffering from PCOS. She was concerned about the way her hair has started to fall out. She is extremely stressed as well.

Here is the complete question:

How to cover that bald portion. Please help i am getting stressed more because of pcos. And what to do with thick hairs on chin.

Also, tell me about diet. I am so feeling so bad because of this that sometimes unabLe to attend my classes. help


Here is my answer:


Hey! to cover that bald portion up, use a creative hairstyle. Usually, holding the hair up in a bun works. The weather is also hot these days so this won’t look awkward. Meanwhile, keep using onion juice and castor oil on your hair and the results should be visible before cooler weather allows you to let your hair down. If the bald patches are in the front or at the top, updos are the perfect option for you. Laying the hair open may often reveal the bald patch. If you still want to avoid updos, use bobby pins to create a small layer of cover-ups on the patch. Use a few strands of hair and then pull them over the patch and keep them in place with bobby pins. Then use some cool hair accessory to cover it all up. It should not last too long.

For hair on chin, use a mix of haldi and besan. Make a smooth paste, apply it on the chin region (use it on the whole face in fact. Makes your skin glow) and let it dry. Once done, you should try to scrub your face gently with your fingertips at the chin region so the paste comes off. It is said that this helps in keeping hair growth in check.

I must suggest I have not tried it personally. My schedule does not allow this at the moment but I will do it soon. For now, I just shave it off quickly and get back to business like usual.

When it comes to diet- damn! I have tried everything possible. The best way to get a nutritious diet is to ensure that you eat a healthy serving of fruits and veggies. Summer doesn’t give you enough choice in veggies so I stick to red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, sweet corn (don’t use it too much), capsicum, carrots etc. Come cooler weather, and all the green leafy veggies should be in your plate.

The idea is very simple. Cut back on processed food and just eat healthier home cooked meals. The simpler your food choices, the better results you will see. Don’t fall for fancy diets. Home cooked meals, fresh veggies and fruits are all you need.

For exercise, depend on 30 to 60 minutes of activity each day. A short walk around the neighborhood is a great start. Some days, you may not be able to walk in the morning. Don’t worry. Dance, play some sport or just try to remain active through the day. Use an app like Google Fit which tracks your movements. There you can create small goals like staying active 30 minutes a day or walking 2,000 steps a day. The idea is simple but you the small efforts usually give big results over time. Don’t go to a gym if you are not comfortable. Just stay active. Don’t even think about skipping meals. Worst possible mistake ever.

Finally, there is an ayurvedic medicine that is recommended for PCOD. It is available at regular pharmacies as well. Its called M2-Tone. It is available in both tablet and syrup form but I suggest you opt for the syrup. It balances hormones really well. Take one spoon after meal twice a day, every day. The usual course lasts between 3 to 6 months. In the meanwhile, start following the tips I suggested above for your hair, health, weight management etc.

Apart from this, there are a few other small changes that can change your life while living with PCOS/PCOD. However, I want you to make the above a part of your lifestyle first. Once done, we can talk further and you can slowly incorporate the new tips in your lifestyle. But don’t stress out and don’t hurry. PCOS is not a flu. It stays with you. A little good management and a small changes here and there in your life will be enough.

Hope that such advice will be helpful for girls suffering from PCOS. Remember, you will likely have to live with PCOS and you should get ready to manage this condition with ease. For more, keep reading.

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  1. I came to your website because of PCOS only. I have recently been diagnosed and it is killing me Neha. Thanks for the help. Good thing that you talk about philosophy and life problems as well. Thank you!

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