Chipped Nail Polish Taught Me A Life Lesson

Chipped Nail Polish Taught Me A Lesson

I was busy painting my nails a couple of weeks ago. Why I started applying nail polish for the first time is a subject matter for another post. There are stories behind everything, even the smallest of daily events. I gleefully left the nail on my left index finger unpainted. Reason- unknown. Just felt like I should do it. The nail looked so different from the rest, almost like the sun shining brighter among other starts in the night.

As two weeks are about to expire and so is the life of this nail paint, it has started to chip already. Hurray! I can apply another color again. But looking at my left hand, philosophy struck me like a lightning bolt. There was such a deeper meaning attached to the chipping nail paint. And as it happens, my vision was focused on these fingers for a while. It was a lesson in plurality that no one else will rather think about.

Here is what the chipped nail polish looked like:

Now there is a lot to be learnt here. Look at the pinky. This little finger, smaller than the others trying to find a place for itself among the taller fingers.

The ring finger, carrying the weight of a ring but looking wholesome. It cannot be as close to middle finger and the little finger because this ring creates a small distance between the three. Yet, it stays connected.

The middle finger looks tall and wholesome, like it has nothing to lose, like it is all powerful. Yet, the paint is chipping away little by little, revealing a more bland and neutral side.

Then there is the index finger. The one I identified with the most. Its natural. Has a light sheen, not much. It is only taller than the little finger but still looks good enough among the taller counterparts. It looks like an oddball, not a misfit but an oddball. Staying tall and looking confident even though it has not been colored in the hues of the world. It stands confident and proud of who it is. Just there because it does not want to be feel burdened by the expectations of the society.

And then I realize…

I have met scored of people who fit into these four archetypes. I was mentally scanning through people and personalities that I had known all through my life, trying to find if they fit into these archetypes and they did. Eureka! We are so much like each other that we don’t even realize.

Four finger archetypes

The little finger signifies everyone who feels small and afraid. It is a symbol for everyone young and inexperienced, everyone who is starting out afresh and everyone who feels belittled. It is a symbol for everyone who is not given his due, everyone who is yet to prove themselves and everyone who is yet to mature. It is not a bad state to be in, for you will eventually move out of it, if you choose to. Everyone who stands in every other archetypical group was here once.

The ring finger signifies everyone who has to manage a family or a relationship. Managing a relationship is a full time job. It will demand so much of your time some days that you will not be able to focus on anything else. Sometimes, your friends will have to wait. Other times, your work will have to suffer. All for a relationship, which you don’t know will ever be successful or not. Still you try and give your best and that is all that matters. You may not always be with the other people you care about, but you always try to keep in touch. There are people who will give up on everything else because of one involvement and they often end up losing everything.

The middle finger signifies those who have achieved much, who have reached a high in their work, life, career, relationship. Now the ascension is over. The nail polish has started to chip away. It is often difficult to stay on the top so you try hard. You keep trying harder than everyone else till the hues of the world finally start giving up on you. There will always be people who will be tired of you, sick of you and willing to move away from you. They may not be wrong. They also need their some space. Let them go. Slowly, as this nail paint is chipping away, let them go and find peace. Let your ego go, let all your apprehensions leave and become the best version of yourself. In the end, you decide how much of the paint you really want in your life. Till then, keep chipping it away.

The index finger signified everyone who has not been corrupted by the ways of the world yet. It can also be a symbol of people who have chipped away all the paint and are now standing tall with their heads held high. These are the people who know that love conquers all, that war is not the answer, that life is precious and that you may or may not achieve all you want but you may love everyone you want. These people do not get carried away by trends or try to conform to the societal standards. These people could be anyone who wants to start new, ascend higher, vibrate on a higher plane. This could be each one of us, but we remain stuck in the ways of the world, making nothing but money that takes away our precious lifetime in return of a few coins.

We are not the index finger, not all of us. But we can aspire to be this. We can choose to be something. There is a big debate on determinism and free will and I have written about it as well. This concept puzzles me, make me think and ponder.

There is plurality around us and there is plurality inside us. We feel like each one of the above archetypes every day. We find people who meet the archetypes all the time. Still, every one of us is able to live a life of plurality with such amazing prowess. This only signifies that we people, no matter how different we are to each other can live together in peace. Inside, we are all the same and are facing the same issues. We all will pass through the same life phases and probably come across the same kind of people. Your problem could also be the problem of your community, your city, your country. If you can be so different and pluralistic inside your heart, why do you expect a society more homogeneous in form?

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  1. I can’t believe you found such great life philosophy in small thing like this. You are wonderful! How to consult you personally?

  2. at first i felt really awkward you know
    how can chipped nail paints teach life lessons. In fact i did not even understand the post in the first try. I read it twice and then you know I was blown away. The second time I understood that some thing deep is being said and it was awesome. I like it.

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