Why have I Become Seriously Depressed in the Past Few Days?

Why have I become seriously depressed in the past few days?

Do you believe in life after death? Many of us do. I don’t know how strong is the belief in heaven, but the belief in hell is strong. Often, we are not concerned about going to heaven. We are just bothered if we will go to hell. Sometimes, we can even become depressed because of these thoughts. Years of conditioning and a belief system that depends on the judgement of actions or karm (I am not fond of calling it karma. It is called karm. You are free to use either spelling or pronounce it the way you like) as good or bad have made us think and rethink what life could be after death.

A user on Quora was worried about life after death. She says that they have been feeling depressed because of this and this feeling has taken hold of them all of a sudden.

Here is the full question:

Why have I become seriously depressed in the past few days?

In the last day I have developed a sort of paranoia that there is a possibility of endless suffering after death. It is seriously taking a toll on me because I feel there is nothing I can do to escape. I have become emotionally numb and suicidal in the past week. Does depression develop this fast?


I think that depression can be sparked by many things in life and it often takes a long time to develop it. It doesn’t happen overnight. There could be an eruption of thought or a realization out of the blue, but depression develops slowly. We will talk about depression and life after death in upcoming posts. For now, read my answer to the user.


Yes, depression can ‘show symptoms’ this fast but it really takes time to develop. Whether or not you are consciously aware, there would have been triggers like emotions, events, actions, words etc. that solidified your belief or made you feel depressed, little by little. Nothing really develops overnight. If it did, then it will likely go away as soon as it happened.

Why do you believe in endless suffering? What could you probably suffer after death? We can suffer only as long as we have our senses.

Can you burn yourself if you can’t feel the sense of touch?

Can you be brought to a filthy place and made to rot their forever if you can’t see or smell?

Death devoids us of the senses. Senses cease to exist with the body. You believe in life after death but who has seen what happens next? No one.

The life you are living could be a dream of a distant, higher being and as soon as you die, they would wake up? Who knows?

Maybe you are stressed by something else in life. Maybe there is something else bothering you that is being expressed in the form of this ‘life after death’ paranoia that you feel.

If you have ever been depressed in life, you may know this truth. Depression does not develop overnight. It takes weeks, months and years to develop a condition like this that may take away your sense of happiness and well-being forever. Follow this link to find more answers to this question.

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