Basics of PCOD Hair Loss Management

Basics of PCOD Hair Loss Management

PCOS/PCOD can easily break the confidence of a woman. This condition changes the appearance of the sufferer to a considerable extent. You get hair growth on your chin, upper lips and other parts of the body while the hair on your head is falling away at a rapid pace. Such hair loss could be devastating to a person’s body image. After all, every girl desires healthy hair and the way PCOS/PCOD makes hair loss, there is hardly any way to look good and feel confident everyday.

I have been through the same condition. While at its peak, PCOS/PCOD made me lose about 2/3rd of my hair in a matter of weeks. My hair was weak and falling out right from the roots. Combing the hair was the biggest nightmare of my life. The worst part was to find hair everywhere. There was hair on the pillow, in my hairbrush, on the floor, in the bathroom. It just didn’t leave me alone. I am sure a lot of you have gone through the same. PCOS/PCOD dents your confidence more than it dents your looks.

It is very easy to get stressed out with such hair loss. One such sufferer asked me a question on how to manage thinning hair.

Here is the complete question on hair loss due to PCOS/PCOD

I’m suffering from PCOD and my hairs are getting thin day by day. I am getting very much stressed. What should I do?


Answering the question was tough because a young adult’s self-esteem often revolves around their looks. I understand that because when I first started feeling the symptoms of this condition, my confidence went down the drain and I was extremely conscious about the way I looked. Acne, hair loss, weight gain were taking a toll on my psyche and greatly affected my outlook on life too.

Here is my full answer to this question:


Thank you for asking this question. I have been living with PCOD/PCOS for 7 years now. In the beginning, I only experienced problems with periods but as time passed by, hirsutism and hair fall became a major concern for me. I have always had thick hair but during PCOS, my hair started falling out at a rapid rate. In fact, I was left with only a third of hair within 4 months. Now that is really stressful for someone who gets compliments for having great hair.

PCOS is an overall difficult condition to handle. So can use topical remedies and also make a few changes in your life to get your hair back. Here are a few things that I did. Results will vary but you should ideally have good hair back within 3 months.

Don’t stress

If you are stressed, the rate of hair fall will be even greater. Stress is both a cause and a catalyst for hair fall. So stop thinking too much. Many amazing women are living a great life with PCOD and all of them look and feel great, regardless of what their hormones plan for them. 🙂 🙂 First things first- no stress. There is no condition in life that you can’t manage.


Get plenty of Vitamin C and B vitamins. This means that you eat numerous fruits. Plenty of guides are available online to check which vitamins are available in which fruits. I will also be doing a series on these vitamins on my site, so you can check there soon. The vitamin that we need the most is Biotin. This is a b-complex vitamin that helps in healthy hair, skin and even nails. My doctor prescribed me a multi-vitamin supplement called ‘Perfectil’. You can also consult your doctor for a good vitamin and mineral supplement that contains Biotin. This helps a lot.


which shampoo are you using? Switch to something natural and mild. I tried everything- pantene, head&shoulders, dove, sunsilk, even patanjali and it didn’t work. Hair quality became worse by the day. For some time I started using Clinic Plus (diluted) so that the hair just gets a wash and the results were fine. Now I have shifted to Garnier Ultra Blends and the shampoo is doing fine for my hair till now. Note that a conditioner is essential so use it regardless.


nothing works better than oiling your hair. I used a variety of oils in childhood but stopped things altogether in college. In the final year, I was diagnosed with PCOS and had literally no plan on how to make my hair look fine again. So even though the schedule was taxing, I started oiling regularly. Started with coconut oil and then used a blend of coconut and castor oil. Massaging the oil is as essential as the qualities of the oil. So make sure you massage your head properly with these oils. Your scalp needs more blood circulation and nutrition which can be achieved easily with the help of oils.

Now, some women get stressed because they think that oiling makes their hair fall more. Note that in this case, your hair is falling because it lacks nutrition, almost dead. It will continue to fall till you do something about the nutrition part. The fallen hair will not be replaced by new hair growth if you don’t work on the problem.

So don’t worry and start to oil. It was a nightmare for me when I began but I saw the results for myself and now I always suggest people to oil their hair. If you look at my profile picture, you will see I have pretty thick hair and I owe it to regular oiling the most. I had my colored (highlights a few times and full color makeover on others) for 3–4 years after this and never experienced hair fall again.

Yes, my hair does fall (your head is ready to lose about a third of hair every couple of years due to the natural hair life cycle) but I believe that is natural and I won’t call it an alarming cause of concern. A couple of strands every once in a while is never a problem.

Hope that helps. If you have any other questions related to PCOD/PCOS, feel free to ask me. And yes, don’t feel stressed. You can manage PCOS. 🙂 🙂


Do you know anyone who is suffering from PCOS/PCOD and may need this advice on hair loss? If yes, share the link of this page and let them know that this condition can be managed. All it will take is a little share but it will hopefully help a young girl stress less about her condition. Much love to everyone!

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  1. This is one of the most informative posts I have read about PCOS and hairloss. Atleast now I know I need Vit B and C. I had no clue earlier. Thank you so much. I just found out recently that I have PCOS, and I hate whats become of my hair. Its rough, broken, and frizzy, and is if to compensate, I have hair growing everywhere else!!

    1. I have been through this too and it is awful to say the least. If you ever need any help or have questions Cherry, feel free to talk to me. If you want solutions to other problems, let me know.

  2. You have summed up everything very nicely. I like it. Thanks for the post. Please do a post on vitamins as well.

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