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How do I become emotionless/insensitive?- Quora Answers

The only emotionless state of human is when they are being carried for their last rites. Maybe, at this time, the last emotion they feel is regret, of not living a life they wanted to. Maybe you and I will regret this life too. Maybe we are getting hurt time and again and still being brave enough to stand up one more time.

Are you too young? I don’t know. But let me tell you. People hurt. You hurt people too. Has everyone given up on you too? Do you want everyone to give up on you?

Yeah! people may change. They will come and go. Some will be so good, but still be gone. Some will hurt and still be gone. What can we do? Being emotionless and insensitive? Is this the answer? Can you waste a life you were so blissfully gifted in becoming an log of wood? Let it hurt. Insensitivity is the worst emotion in the world but it is still an emotion, fueled by emptiness. You don’t want to be empty inside. You want to be a human. You want to win, even if you lose sometimes. You want to smile, even if you cry sometimes. Accept it all.

Last note – if people treat you like a trash can, look for a reason why. Probably, you are treating you like a trash can before they see you as one. And remember, trash cans are both insensitive and emotionless. Hard words maybe but I hope you realize.

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While answering this question, I assumed that the person asking it feels betrayed or hurt in life. It is quite common to feel this way. In fact, when we are teenagers or young adults, this is the most common feeling we all have. We make mistakes, we trust people, we feel betrayed. In the end, we feel the world is too much of a bad vibe to handle. So what do we do? We try to isolate ourselves from emotions altogether.

This is only a short-term solution with long term negative consequences. Hardening your heart to such an extent that you lose all emotion? Isn’t that something we will never want to do to ourselves? The human will-power is not as strong I believe. If we waste all the willpower we have, which is already available in limited supply, on curbing emotions, where else will we find it?

Being emotionless or insensitive is a state of the dead. As long as we breathe, we will keep feeling emotions. Believe it or not, it is a good thing.

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