10 People and a Stampede

10 people and a stampede

Not a people lover, nowhere close to it.

I do not embrace all of humanity. I like to stick to the same old people with their same old funny laughs and their same old ways of discussing deep philosophies with me.

No, I do not like everyone even though I claim to be a happy-go-lucky character. I don’t, I just don’t love people at all. I love some of them but not all of them.

I will tell you why. People are crazy. Out of every 10 humans you meet, 1 will be hard working and trying to make the best of their life. One of them would be talking about why he hates everything and everyone and be generally negative and bored and insulting and plotting and planning and what not.

Eight of them, yes 8 of these humans, a whopping 80% majority will be standing there. Just standing there. They have nothing to do and even if they knew they could do something, they would rather not. These people are the lovers of comfort. These people who just like watching things. They are not observers. They just watch. A cat fell into a manhole? Oooh… let’s watch!!! Watching is entertainment for these humans and as our eyes get rest only during sleep, these folks find ample entertainment, everywhere they go.

I was watching Megamind the other day. I kinda like that movie. A hero, a villain. The same old 10 people story. One is good to a fault. One is bad to a fault (oh! Is that even a way to express things?) They fight often because they are moving into seemingly opposite directions. The rest 8 humans, the majority, just watches them fight. Their houses, offices, streets get destroyed and they hail the hero and condemn the villain. They carry on with life, with their same old routine because what else could they possibly do. They just watch, rejoicing when the hero wins, panicking when the villain does.

These people. These people who can do nothing on their own. Who are there in the story to make the hero a hero and the villain a villain. These people who simply let things happen to them, by an act of faith and letting their insurance claims go because of an act of god. These folks who suffer the maximum damage. Oh! Sorry. It is collateral damage. These souls who can do nothing, contribute nothing but suffer everything. These souls who would cry hurray over the victory of the hero while their city is in ruins.

These people. These humans just exist in our lives. Often doing nothing at all. Often being mere spectators. The most they can do is talk about things. They are always talking about things. Sometimes, they will repeat the same old thing millions of times with the same old people, just to find some new excitement. It is like reading a history book. Every time you read it, you find a fact that you missed before and then everything changes. Ironically, I have not known many people who like history.

What to do with these 8 spectators. These folks are everything that can be categorized as normal. They follow trends started by celebrities. They want big asses to twerk to the beat of… I don’t know what. They talk about change sometimes. Sometimes they rise in protest too. Sometimes they choose a lesser evil. Sometimes, they choose a bigger evil wrapped in chocolate. Just like they did in 2014. Sometimes, they are just feeling sick of everything. Sometimes, they just do nothing about anything.

One amongst these 10 people is the absolute cry baby- absolute in all ways. Their crying and whining and the act of barely ‘existing’ is a reason you fail to sympathize with them. After a while, empathy also takes a flight and you are either left with irritation, contempt, or disgust. These humans who talk to make you believe less in the positivity of the world. These people who are always in a problem. These people who are always worried about things that don’t concern them. These people who do everything that they are not supposed to do. These people who always invite trouble. These people who always blame others. These people whose lives are never a matter of their own concern. These folks who drive nothing in their lives. These dependent parasites. These parasites.

I will tell you inactive folks something. Life is like a crowd. You stand in a crowd. Can’t imagine a crowd? The one that you witness at Rajiv Chowk Metro station. Yeah! That kind of crowd. You must decide one thing. Do you want to go with the crowd and probably lead them or do you want to use full force and go against the crowd? Decide one thing. Where do you wish to go? What do you wish to do? If you stand there for too long and just let things happen to you, you will first be pushed from all sides and then, my friend, you will fall to become another victim of unintended stampede.

You like stampedes? I don’t.

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