I give up!. Neha Joy Chauhan

I give up!

No more, no more

no more running behind

an impossible dream.

I give up on you,

I give up on my dream.

Chasing, chasing

chasing the sun

in expectation of

bright sunshine.

All I find is darkness

All I find is rain.

I give up on you,

I give up on my dream.

Wait, don’t go anywhere,

I am catching up.

Oh! you move a little further.

Wait, wait, I am catching up,

Oh! you have moved farther away.

I have lost stamina

I can’t move anymore.

Not, not just yet

I am anxious

I am running

without moving a limb

Wait, wait, wait

don’t go

I will take my time

while I give up on you,

I give up on my dream.

No, no, no, no, no

It can’t be this dreadful

Cruel fate

Doesn’t give me anything

more than a moment of happiness

She is a real witch

makes me smile only to make me cry

I can’t take this anymore,

I give up on you,

I give up on my dream.

Yes, yes

I have wanted you close

No, no

you don’t have to go yet

No, no

don’t delay the moment

when we part

It hurts more

No, no

don’t tell me that you will go

let me live in a delusion.

No, no

don’t meet me before you go

Do you like to see me cry?

No, don’t leave me alone

I thought we would finally be together

But looks like you are

finally moving away

your fate is making you

get rid of me

no, no, no

love me back,

don’t leave me alone.

My eyes are swollen, red

my mind has stopped

listening to me

the days are passing like

they don’t exist

I keep sitting in my bed

I move to office

I keep sitting on my chair

I move back to the bed.

No activity

No sounds

Sounds are scaring me

I am scared when someone calls my name

I am off guard

I am totally unaware of things around me

I am depressed

I am lost

You were my only

chance at sanity

no, no, no, no, no

don’t go.

And then there is the practical me

asking me to stop cribbing

not to cry, not to waste my time

and to let you live freely

my heartbeats are normal

but I can feel my heart

dropping into a deep cave

free falling

no friction, no pain

just falling

I can’t carry on

I give up on you,

I give up on my dream.

I would like to keep falling

I am falling back to where I came from

I am going back to my shell

I am building back my walls

No, no, no, no, no

I have tried and tried enough to know

Love is not ‘my thing’

So I give up on you,

I give up on my dream.

Joy is a state of mind 🤗 I run this blog to share all my yogic and life experiences with people. This age deserves enlightened souls, and we need them in hundreds. I would love if you become a part of this journey with me. It has everything you may want to learn about when you are down in life.

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