Finding a convenient love story

Finding A Convenient Love Story

I have said this on many occasions and I will continue saying this till the end of time to ‘love story’ fanatics

1- Love is sacred and idiots around the world are ruining it all.

2- We were not raised the way we are behaving, or were we?

Talking about convenient love. Think about a convenient love story. You know convenient love is that infatuation with a human being that exists because we try to become the brew masters of our heart. We create a situation where we can fall in love, develop feelings, act out on our feelings like there is nothing else in the world that we believe in and then leave as easily when our expectations are not fulfilled. All this while, we are blaming the other person for our loss- a loss that we faced because we tried to become the masters of our romantic destiny in places where it was not needed at all.

Look around you. Do you find love stories or do you find another convenient love story? Do you find people getting attracted to each other simply because they are the best options available with them at a particular moment? Do you find people are falling in love simply because they ‘want to’? It is quite a distressful situation for everyone. We are living in a make-believe world. We are loving people like we are changing wallpapers on our smartphone screens. We are moving on like the past never existed, simply because just like the wallpaper, the feelings were also ‘virtual’ and nothing was ‘REAL’.

I am finding these convenient love stories everywhere. Maybe you have a convenient love story of your own. One that you have created to suit yourself. There is absolutely no small number of people who fall in love with practically anyone and everyone they meet. There are more who would fall in love with anyone who said that they ‘kinda liked them’. There are many who fall in love simply because they have nothing more dramatic to do and there are many who jump from one love to the other, blaming each ‘lover’ (well they were practically never lovers because they were never in a relationship, but never mind) for all the failures in their personal life.

I am also coming across a new breed of lovers. People who fall in love and pretend that they feel very deeply for the one they love (I hope they were actually in love once) often claim that they never had a past. This makes me feel awkward at first, uncomfortable second and then I am ROFLing my way into understanding today’s relationships.

What I am starting to have a firm belief on is the fact that LOVE IS NOT ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS and RELATIONSHIPS ARE NEVER ABOUT LOVE.

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