Periods, Mothafu****

So what is the biggest, biggest problem with PCOS? Periods. Yeah! Aunt Flo is always angry when you have PCOS. For some women, she is hyperactive and for the rest… she prefers not to visit them often. Who am I? I used to be the one who was visited by her for 3 days in a 28 day cycle. She did not bother me a bit and went as easily as she came. Everything was cool. Now, we have developed a love-hate relationship. She visits less often and makes sure that she gives me some real painful and irritating time all the while.

So without going into further details, let us discuss what you can do in order to make your dear Aunty visit frequently and also make her stay more bearable. Remember, no medications, no playing with the hormones and no unnecessary BS. Follow these simple rules for the beginning. They would prime your body for a better period and would also help to regularize them. Let’s get started.

  • M2 Tone Syrup

this is an ayurvedic syrup that would work like magic in making your periods more regular. Have used this syrup and it seriously works. Though M2 Tone is also available in tablet form, the syrup is always the better choice. You would find it in any ayurvedic medication store and even general drug stores keep it. The syrup needs to be taken 2-3 times a day (one spoonful). I would suggest you start with 1 spoonful, twice a day after meals.

The syrup was suggested by an ayurvedic doctor, who has been practicing for 40 years now and he was so right about things. Your cycles would become regular and you would notice visible changes in your periods within 3 months only. Consume for 6 months straight for good results. I was not able to continue for more than 3 months in a row last year. However, this time, I am quite determined to continue for 6 months.

  • Vajrasana

Vajrasana is done after you have had food. Vajrasana after the breakfast, lunch or dinner for as long as you can maintain the asan would be a great choice. This asana is very simple. You just have to sit with your knees bent (quite the way you see Japanese people sit at their homes, watch Doraemon to see how Nobita’s mother sits while calculating the bills to get an idea or just watch a Youtube video). It is simple, but it is quite difficult to sit in that position for long in the beginning. Don’t worry, practice would make you perfect. Vajrasana would not only help with digestion but would also help in your periods.

These two tips would help you get started. So make sure that you start inculcating these two things in your lifestyle. You would soon start getting great results for sure. Try it at least for one month to get the best results. I will discuss the rest of the tips later. Don’t consume too much information and just follow these two tips religiously. They would really help you.

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