PCOS Hair Loss- Eliminating Loss

There is no doubt that PCOS makes your hair become frizzy and more prone to breaking. A lot of women simply start losing all their hair. Everytime they comb their hair, they find hundreds of innocent strands that were uprooted from the scalp without much ado. I have faced the same problem. While the hair is growing gracefully and not showing a sign of lack of strength, it is the hair on your scalp that faces one issue after the other. When you have an enviable mane, it feels quite inadequate to find that you are left with merely a third of what you used to have a year ago. It is frustrating as hell. Whether you wash your hair or comb it, you will find nothing but strands falling out. Even lightly running fingers through them would mean trouble.

So what did I do?
As frustrated as I was with my medications and depressed schedule, I thought about giving my hair a second chance. This meant that I have my hair routine a careful thought and then started with a another, sane routine that genuinely helped me grow a nice mane again. You can try this too. Hope they will help.
1. Oil your hair- regularly
When I was in school, oiling was a regular thing. It happened almost every other day and my hair remained as good as you can imagine. Even if I had a haircut that I knew I would regret, it did not bother me much. Simply because the hair used to grow so fast that one would easily forget how I looked about a month ago. Well, school ended and so did the oiling routine.
So, I brought back the old habit. My hair is now being oiled fairly regularly. Of course, I do not do it every second day, but I do it at least twice a week. Meanwhile, I massaged the scalp for as long as I possibly could. I massaged each and every part of the scalp, especially the places where I used to lose hair the most. Then, I tried to show some love to the hair strands as well. My hair quality became very poor and it was quite dull, dry and frizzy. It used to look very rough as well. So these strands also needed a lot of conditioning. Therefore, I massaged the strands as well, right till the ends. This meant that my head was always covered in oil but then the hair was liking this routine. So, I did not complain about it.
The result- silkier, thicker hair with less hair fall. Just make sure you show some love and don’t massage like you hate your scalp. Take a little oil on your palm and rub it gently for about 10 seconds before application. Then use the tips of your fingers to massage the oil into your hair. The palms should be used to oil the length of the hair. You can use any oil that you like- coconut, olive, almond, amla (gooseberry) or even sarso. Whatever suits your hair would do. The safest choice could be coconut oil. Olive oil and sarso oil is really heavy but works like wonder while almond and amla oils are lighter. A great product I came across was Biotique’s Bhringraj Oil. Coconut oil could be parachute, but Vatika coconut oil comes enriched with other ingredients which is quite a nice thing to apply to your hair.
2. Avoid chemicals
Yes, I mean that you should not opt for straightening or coloring your hair. Avoid any kind of chemical hair treatments. However, there is something more harmful that you need to stay away from. Shampoos and conditioners along with leave-on treatments could be very harmful for your hair. Hence, you should always use mild shampoos. As a person who is habitual of washing her hair every day (I mean it!!! when you bathe, you wash your hair or you don’t bathe at all :P). Okay, so I ditched all the shampoos that graced my bathroom closet and brought in the good ol’ Clinic Plus. Now, this is not a shampoo that people recommend to each other, but trust me it works. It is a very mild shampoo and would not harm your hair as much. They also have a nice conditioner which makes your hair quite smooth.
I have experienced more frizz with Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner than I felt with Clinic Plus. It is mild enough for everyday use and so far, I have not found a single reason to throw it out of my house. So maybe you can try this shampoo. If not, find something milder. There are a ton of Ayurvedic Shampoos around. I tried the one from Patanjali (Baba Ramdev’s venture) and it was the most baffling thing I had used in my lifetime. My hair became pathetic. It was dry and frizzy and most importantly, it looked dirty. So, even though I am very fond of dreadlocks, I did not want a shampoo to do this to me.
There are many more hair care tips that I have to share but not right now! First, you need to try these two tips for at least 2 weeks. I can guarantee that they would work. Once done, we will go ahead. Keep yourself updated with new artice

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