He Is Like A Movie

He is like a movie

His eyes never seem to rest

And his brain is always lost somewhere

He shows something else

He has become something different

And the meaning that his eyes define

Is better than any other movie I have seen.

Just how many times do you meet

Men with beautiful eyes

And cupid’s bow lips

His face is too innocent

For a profession he has chosen for himself

But his eyes speak of who he is

An alpha male looking for the next hunt.


His forehead is broad,

Not high, but broad

His hair is silky smooth and straight

Hair as black as the night

With streaks of white

Like a shooting star

He does not sport a beard

Nor has he inherited the tantrums of his age

A clean shaven face exposes

The vulnerabilities of this man-child

And no… he is not shy to show them.


He is like a movie

He is as animated as

an action sequence can be

His lips curve like a beautiful ribbon

Tied on a young girl’s ponytail

So perfect and pure

That touching them can easily

Make you feel scared

What if I harm him?


He is like a movie

And he has colors of the rainbow

Splashed all over his personality

He is not perfect

But look at his body

Have you ever seen such shapely men before?

And no, he is not on steroids

And he does not hit the gym

But his body is still so strong

So shapely, so perfect

See it once and it would be

Difficult to take your eyes off it.


Hey, he is a movie

And I really wish his movie

Played only for me

Obsessed I am not

But in love I am

And then I look back in his eyes

Oh! Those beautiful eyelids have hid them

And he is snoring lightly like a lil baby

Look, he is smiling while he sleeps

Aww… at 4 am in the morning

He looks like my dream come true

Is this love? Have I found the one I wanted?

When I stay as calm as a painting

He remains as lively as a romedy

We are a perfect match

Suddenly, I realized what I wanted with life

Now I know I want to fall in love

I am sure that I can make sacrifices

I can make changes, I can adjust

I know what would satify me

I know how I would be a keeper.


My movie is peacefully sleeping

Hmmm.. I am running my fingers through his hair

He is smiling more

Maybe he is dreaming of me

Why should I spare myself of the pleasure?

Time to fall asleep in his arms…

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