Keep Me In Your Heart

Keep me in your heart

I may not be there tomorrow

I ll be gone and you might not even get the news

That someone who loved you, can love you no more

‘coz death puts an end to a lot of things

I don’t want it to be our love, not so soon.

So if I cry or if I weep,

I just need a warm hug

And if I bring gifts

I just want you to accept them

Nothing more was ever desired

I like to give gifts,

I am wired that way

But if I am wired to you,

I wouldn’t mind it anyway.

You are closest to my heart

Like a couple of our friends

And you mean a lot to me

Smothering you was never an option

But mothering you will always be.

You are on my mind

Like the clock keeps ticking all the while

And if it ever stops…

Your tender clock will be dying.

So keep me in your heart

Keep me for another while

I wont always be all good

But I wont always be servile.

Our lives have taken different turns

And aloof I might seem

But who are separated in the middle of a life

Are always united in dreams.

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