Would My Generation Ever Fall In Love?

Would My Generation Ever Fall In Love?

Just how many times do you listen to love songs each day? They touch your soul and you feel happy, often sad to have listened to them. Do they not tear your heart apart at times? So I don’t know if being a girl makes you talk about love more often than not. Whenever there are two girls together, they talk less about boys and more about love. When we are alone, we listen to these songs and make ourselves believe that things would be okay soon. There is something great to look up to. Maybe there is not.

You know, most of the people I talk to, are always disheartened and scarred from the idea of love and with no fault of their own. We 20 something’s have had a fair share of our crushes and relationships and we know that it’s not that bad a thing in the end. But when it comes to longer term relationships, I think we all have known the gentleman who becomes a dictator only to his wife and the woman who suffers everything just for the sake of her children. You know who I am talking about. They are your parents!

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So where did this thing spring up from? Nowhere in particular. Was just wondering about how marriages generally are and how most of the people of my age have seen them. When you are in the writing business, anything under the sun can spring up. A recent project was for personal confession stories, which was obviously given to some writers saying that they can write imaginary confessions. However, what I found out was imagination was only a sensory part of their real life experiences. Could you believe that most silly cooked up stories that we were laughing about, pointed out to the wrath of a relationship, especially of marriage? Everybody read those stories. Everybody wants to fall in love. Everybody – fall in love, fall out of love.

Almost everyone had a couple of stories to share about parents being unhappy in their relationships. They were fighting with each other while making sure that they are able to keep up appearances. I recently met a family that looked too perfect to be true. Almost an idea for me to follow. Looked like ‘Yes! There is one family like that’ and then you see just how sick the man feels in his household and how helpless and broken is the woman. All the stories from my writers and all the people I have met were pointing to one direction. We are scarred. We have grown up with screams and shouts. We have listened to all those harsh exchange of words between our parents and we have known just how painful it is to see them fight.

Were we ever able to do something to stop them? Maybe we could or maybe we couldn’t. But this is one of the reasons why we have all wished to run away from the house and breathe fresh air. Maybe, this is why we feel more inclined towards the victimized parents who are most often our mothers. I like the 80s and 90s romance. Looks like youngsters were pretty rebellious and wished to marry the ones they wanted. Look at romance now! You would realize why my generation gives a damn to love and relationships. Yeah! We all secretly want it and our desire for getting one perfect relationship makes us fall in love again and again, only to come out as soon as we dived in. But then, are we not a little scared of marriages? Will talk about it someday later. I am too engrossed in studying the psychological impact of parents’ behavior on children. Sharing real life stories would be better.

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