Goodbye…. Half Lie

Remember, I used to call you

To come to the place we loved to be

Together we used to watch people pass by

The kids and the staring eyes that used to see

The love in our eyes and the bond of our souls

Same old things that are saying goodbye.

I have waited for this moment ever since I was gone

I only wanted the time to be ripe

When I could see you for one last time

And then cease to be a part of your life.

Friend, dearest friend, I have loved you more

Than the deep ocean trench

I have hidden a love wider than the sea

But now the time has come and I should

Make myself believe

In the futile faith I have in you,

Same old faith that must now say goodbye.

Remember, we used to spend hours together

Talking about everything under the sun

I used to listen to everything you said so carefully

Like my life depended on those words.

Remember, the time we used to laugh and

Remember the time we used to cry,

These are the same old times we have shared together

And now this time should say goodbye.

I had changed my decision when I saw you again

I wished I would never leave again

And then an unwanted gift was presented

A gift that shook me back to senses again.

I tried not to open it when I was alone

I knew what devastation it would bring

You are such a silly man, my friend

Could you not keep my sweet little things?

I wore them again and I felt I was empty

Like a glass that has poured all its wine

No more filling the cup again

No more of us dancing, no more of ‘you’ mine.

I will leave again, this time content

That you are happy and going on fine

I have been betrayed, looted and left to mourn

But I won’t let that fact change my life.

Remember, each word I said and each one I did not

Remember, the way I thought you were my prized possession

And all the ways you thought you were not.

Don’t make me want to love you more

I may deviate from the path I chose

But if you could, I would certainly love

To get just one……….or maybe meet again

When I am more equipped to face

Your face that must say goodbye.

Time is here and we never waste time,

I want to say so much but my words feel shy

Doesn’t matter, these are just plain old words,

And these words must finally say goodbye.

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