This Boy Had A Friend

This boy had a friend…

She was a girl… just like girls normally are…

Only, she was not beautiful, just like girls normally are…

Not to him at least.

And she did not intend to change herself…

Not for him at least.


How could she be beautiful and friends

At the same time.

It was an irony of the society, beautiful girls are

Never friends and friends are not

Beautiful girls.


When this boy had a friend, he was really happy…

Happy because his troubles had been known to vanish…

In her patient ears

That used to listen to those big and small troubles

Of his life.

He had the reason to be surrounded with bliss…

While she was busy in keeping her calm…

When he had lost his own.


When this boy had a friend, he was loved by her…

Not romantic love

Coz she had not known about love in that way…

It was simple….

Plain and innocent feelings of care that never go away

Even if she buried her anger behind that soft smile…

It was all good….


Until one day, when it was too much to handle

Nothing much had happened really…

In fact a few storms had passed

Their world.

Without hurting them much or their friendship

In general.

What none of them realized was that…

Even strong people witness the flickering

Twilight of strength.

When it is no more possible to handle continuous

Hurt, rejection, melancholy…


And the fall was quiet, but great and

She left.

It was night my friend and the time to

Rest had come.

Tomorrow will be a new day, with you

And without me

Moving on in their lives, they have found

Nothing at all.

She is empty like a mug

And he is full of emotions,

Looking for a new dumping bag for his

Grieves, his fall and all.

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