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How To Be Happy- a One Day Transformation Guide

Happiness is just a state of your mind. We have all known this for long and never really followed it. However, the problem is that exploring this state of mind is a difficult task if your mind and your life is full of clutter. It can be mental stress, emotional baggage or simply some unwanted objects in you room. It can be anything, really. The point is that each of us is born happy. We simply stick too many objects on the walls of our heart and make it difficult to be happy.

I have been like all. I used to get stressed when the work load was a little more than usual and when the one I had a crush on, loved someone else. I used to feel sad, bad, gloomy out of the blue. Clearly, it was something that did not really brought laurels and awards my way. Life is too hard and there is no way that stress would not come your way. I have been taking a day off every now and then and doing this because happiness is what I wish to achieve.

Sleep– sleep for as long as you want. It is the closet that you get to death and life. It removes all worries and issues. You can only dream of things and control which way you wish to dream. In any case, simply forget about your worries and sleep for as long as you wish to. Say goodbye to your cellphone, your laptop or any other device and keep quiet. If possible, be alone

Clear The Physical Clutter-  Start by cleaning your room and your wardrobe. Take everything out from its space and check everything. Prioritize things. Throw away all that you don’ want. There can be things that are dear to the heart, but give you pain. Keep them somewhere safe, but don’t keep them right in front of your eyes. They must go away. Now, you will only be left with things that you want. Keep them after cleaning them properly. Arrange them in a proper order and see how beautiful would it be to stay in that room. Remember, you need to clean everything. No clutter.

Clear The Emotional Baggage– If you keep a diary, great! if not, start maintaining one. Write down everything there. Is there something that you feel really good or bad about? Did something move you in the past? What have you planned for your future? Write down everything. I prefer writing on paper instead of typing on my laptop. This gives a better release. You can chose whatever you like, just don’t hold on to anything. Write it all and keep writing for as long as you wish. It might be difficult to start but as you begin, random thoughts will come up. Don’t worry and write it all. It is not a school essay or a job interview. You just need to be honest with your feelings. Write them all and keep hitting the ‘Delete Button’ at the back of your mind. As you write it all, you will feel lighter and better.

Cleanse Your Body Take the longest hot water bath and pamper yourself a little. There might be some unused products in your cabinet. Use them and feel better. Relax.

Cleanse Your Soul– Forgive and forget. The ancient sage texts say that anger, jealousy and hatred and poisons kept in a pot (your body). The more you develop them, the more intense they become. However, they will harm the carrying pot more than the people it is merely sprinkled on. What is the use of these negative emotions? Let them go. Let people be.

Sleep Again– Relax and sleep. Tomorrow you will wake up happier, lighter and better.

Joy is a state of mind 🤗 I run this blog to share all my yogic and life experiences with people. This age deserves enlightened souls, and we need them in hundreds. I would love if you become a part of this journey with me. It has everything you may want to learn about when you are down in life.

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