Why Setting Goals and Making Plans Never Works

Why Setting Goals and Making Plans Never Works

Though I personally do not have any issues with people who make goals and are able to fulfill them, personally it has been quite a traumatic experience. You know what life is about? Even I don’t know and understand honestly. But what really caught my attention lately was the fact that too much goal setting is injurious to health. I was habitual of making long term and flexible goals. You know, the ones that aren’t as harsh as we consider ‘Goals’ to be. They can be changed with time and circumstances. Just to cite and example, I write more than 12000 words in a day(not for my blog, for my work). Each article has been given a time limit, which somehow exceeds the 18 hours that i dedicate to my work life.

Now, I don’t always follow the time limit and I always think that I am a sore loser for not having worked as per the huge expectations. Isn’t this wrong? Even after dedicating so much time to my work, I am unable to fulfill all that is required. In such a case, flexible goals always come to my rescue. If something can be postponed, simply postpone it. Though I wont advice you to leave everything for tomorrow, but if it can be done tomorrow, then don’t wait for a second. Do what can be done today and leave everything else.

These flexible goals will always help you in staying motivated all the time. If I complete an article within a lesser time frame as specified in the worksheet, I feel proud of myself and in this way, I am able to work even faster and more efficiently. However, after every 5-10 articles, the time limit has to be changed so that I don’t feel like I have too much time to make merry. Spending just 2 minutes this way really helps ease a lot of burden and it has always worked.

I don’t know if it is the lazy girl’s way or anything else, but its great in the end. You need to stay motivated all the while and work must never become a burden. If you cant read as many books as you wanted today, then take it easy and pass it on to day two. Simple things in life must not become a competition with your own self. In the end, it will be you who loses. I have known someone for quite a while who would read from books and online articles and listen to all that is being said on the TV for self improvement. In this race, she literally forgot her real self. Though her real self didn’t forget to come out every now and then.

What was the result? An identity crisis. A falsification of her whole personality. Now she remains torn between who she wants to be and who she actually is. She cannot focus on her career nor her relationships and as far as she can see, everything is going to fall apart soon. I know I am making a very distant relation between these two realities, but yes, I cant deny the co-existence of them too. Her goals have made her feel miserable and she often suffers from low self esteem. Isn’t that a bad example of how too much goal setting is bad for you?

What can be done in this situation? Well I believe that the road to be successful comes in two extremes. Either you have the guts to handle the goals or you simply don’t make them. But yeah, the middle path of making reasonable and flexible goals must work either way. Yes, you wont be too successful(if they are way too flexible), but at least you can be happy.

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