When I Said I Love You……

I said ‘I Love You’

At an hour when people prefer to sleep

At a time when i normally stay awake in my dreams.

It was too late for 16th, too early for 17th

Almost the peak of my loneliness

When you intervened.


When i said ‘I Love You’

I meant that my eyes are closed

To every other man on this planet

My heart would beat only to survive

The intensity of your emotions

And the wrath of my ego

I am a little high maintenance

But not for you


When i said ‘I Love You’

I meant that from now on

I would only think about you day and night

Be a little more kind to my cellphone and

Wait for the call for my heart’s delight.

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When i said ‘I Love You’

Oh! was it too soon?

I should have made you wait

I should have played a little

Like i always do

But the voice, the words and the love

Were too tempting for this little girl

And who said it takes time to fall in love?

It only takes time to keep people falling in love

Over and over again



When i said ‘I Love You’

I meant that i want you for life

Your problems will be mine

And for that reason

My problems would be yours as well 😉

I never needed a shoulder to cry on

But i knew yours will be the arms

I can lean on any day

Without saying a word, without being judged….

When i said ‘I Love You’

I tried to pour all the love i had

Locked up for all these years

Into your ears

And let it blend with your blood

And give you strength

Every time we are not together

And every time you need me….


When i said ‘I Love You’

I meant that these words

No one would hear ever again

My lips would be sealed

My voice blocked eternally

With the promise of your love….


When i said ‘I Love You’

I was as scared as i could be

This time as well fear stopped me

From being ‘me’

And letting me love someone

But i fought, broke the walls

And ran away..

Into your arms

Where warmth was enough

To keep me safe for a lifetime….


When i said ‘I Love You’

I meant that i want to spend

Many such days and nights together

Sharing, talking, doing things together

Enjoying each other’s company

And most importantly

Holding hands and walking towards

A future undefined.


When i said ‘I Love You’

I knew that love was a fool’s paradise

But we can share it

It will be great

And maybe we can go

On solitary drives

Or spend some quiet time together

Or maybe we can love each other

While juggling with everyday tasks…

Maybe we can take some time out,

Every now and then…

When i can see you smile

And you can see me blush……. 🙂 🙂

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